Spanish strikes will ground UK flights for 22 days

Bitterwallet - SpainGiven the abysmal year suffered by the European airline industry in 2010 (snow, strikes, volcanoes) you'd hope that 2011 would see clear skies and less turbulence.

Alas, nobody counted on the Spanish and their attempts to screw everyone out of sunshine and larking about by the pool. And they really are - airport workers are threatening no less then 22 days of strikes just before the beginning of the Easter holidays on 20 April.

They're not planning to get it all out the way at once, however - strike organisers intend to mess up any plans you have for Easter, with further strike action scheduled for dates in May and June.

Oh, and July.

And August.

There 12,500 ground staff who are unhappy that parts of the state-owned airport operator Aena may be privatised. The unions are therefore looking to see nearly every airport in the country shuts down, including those in the Canary Islands.

Sky Marshall (he's not a shy Marshall) Michael O'Leary from Ryanair said: Mr O'Leary said: "Action must be taken at EU level to ensure that the 'right to strike' is removed from essential airport services, and competition must be introduced across Europe's air traffic control providers to ensure that a strike in one country is not allowed to disrupt millions of passengers' travel plans."

It pains us to say it, but we're in agreement with O'Leary. We started compiling a list of reasons why we shouldn't just blow Spain up and put in on a big bonfire. In their favour: chorizo sausage, sangria, good weather, siestas, oranges and castanets. It's not enough. Lads, get the firelighters.


  • Michael O.
    For once, I am in full agreement with Sky Marshall O'Leary
  • Steve
    Surely, the image accompanying this story is missing the tag of "A Spanish Air Traffic controller, tomorrow hopefully"
  • PokeHerPete
    ¿¿¿¿¿¿EL PAYRISEO??????
  • Robin
    Just been looking into this as i have flights booked for the 21st april. This page is from rtve (their bbc): Dates in red are the proposed strike days, should be quite clear even if you don't understand spanish. The unions and the airport authority (AENA) and in talks today, so nothing is certain as yet . Robin
  • Robin this link will take you straight to the calendar
  • ElBuc
    You are all Thatcher's children! STRIKE, I SAY!
  • Dick
    I agree that strikes in one country should not affect flights of another. But airlines can do something here. Stop flights to Spain a couple of days before the strike, but make sure all flights leave. That way, they have their aircraft. Re-route flights around spain so as not to enter their airspace. Again, maybe slightly more costly for a few routes, but not many. That way, strikes in Spain will not affect the availability of aircraft for other destinations.
  • Kevin
    On this scale they are just shooting themselves in the foot. Why would anyone choose to go to Spain again if this sort of thing keeps happening? I mean I'm never going to fly with BA because of all the problems they had with strikes. Apparently the Spanish government are going to go in with the army and have them run the ATC etc. Hopefully they will fire everyone on strike and give their jobs to people who actually want them.
  • Hilly
    We booked up before we were aware of this, but thankfully it looks as though we've escaped unharmed (touch wood). We're off on the 22nd July and returning home on the 29th.

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