Southern Railways dropping toilets from new train fleet

swepb If you’re a regular traveller on Southern Railway’s trains, you’d better start making sure that you go to the little boy’s or little girl’s room before you get on before long – from December they’re introducing a new fleet of trains that will have no toilets on board.

The trains will run on the Portsmouth to Brighton service, a journey that lasts for and hour and a half, although Southern Railway say that most people on that route are on board for less than half an hour.

Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' union guvnor Bob Crow hasn’t been slow to start crowing in opposition to the ‘no-bogs’ decision, calling the move “unacceptable” and suggesting that carriages will become no more than “stinking cattle trucks”. Hmm, a measured response there.

Do you travel on the Portsmouth-Brighton service? Will the absence of toilets affect your journey? Will you find yourself forced to travel with an empty two-litre pop bottle between your legs just in case? Tell us. Send pics if you like.



  • How B.
    [...] in with our previous story about Southern Railway removing the toilets from their new trains, this information poster will be [...]
  • Geeves
    These trains aren't new, state of the art for 1976 yes. They are just cast-offs no longer required up in the big smoke! They were never fitted with toilets due to the original nature of their work.
  • Geoff
    That'll be fun when your five year old needs a widdle...
  • Ian p.
    Southern Trains ; piss poor service and now piss aroma in the carriages as the passenges who get caught short just have to pee in the aisles...... If the Gov'ment are listening just terminate Southern 'Railways' (though I am breaking the trades description act by using that term) trains franchise or fine them £10k per train without a toliet.... somehow toilets will magically appear on their trains.....
  • Laurz
    What's the big deal? It's no different to not having toilets on buses. The bus journey for me to the closest town (the town centre is only 8 miles away) takes an hour and i'm not the first/last stop so for som people it can take up to an hour and half just like the train.
  • Carl
    When a bus breaks down you get of and catch the next one, having a toilet break in the nearest pub/backalley/bush/knock on someones door. The option if your desperate enough is always to get of at the next stop or to explain to the driver your issue in needing to get off. The options on a train are less forgiving and when the train breaks down or is suddenly stopped mid journey (not in a train station) you are well and truly stuffed, you better hope there is a toilet. Plus many train stations sell alcohol - something that doesnt occur at the bus stop in the same way, they need to provide for the effects of that of stop serving/selling alcohol and the stations it effects.
  • ginny
    i use this service alot, i have only very recently used the toilets...well where to start...the smell...the inch of water? (well i hope it was water) on the floor, sloshing around as the train was awful...take away the toilets i say!
  • Kevin
    I would say that Southern Trains are VERY good in comparison to a lot of rail companies I've been to. In general anyway, this idea is pretty odd and will probably be changed after a few people just start pissing in one section when they come back from a night out and find theres no toilet.
  • dacouch
    The reason Bob Crow is against the removal of toilets is because he is full of shit
  • Dee M.
    First my local station closes the station toilets. Now Southern Railways are taking off toilets on the trains. So what, does one do when a train is delayed and you have young children or, like myself are on diuretics - and are a frequent traveller from Angmering to Southampton and need to use the loo? This will only encourage more people to drive and clog up the roads. Also the Brighton to Southampton line is heavily used by football supporters of both clubs. Just think how unpleasant it is going to be on the trains when inebriated supporters need to "relieve" themselves! ! !
  • Sam
    Lol @ ian Peters. The govt actually give southern the trains, you think southern would want to have 313's and not 377's on coast-way's! the govt charging southern thats a joke it's the govt.'s fault you uneducated imbecile. Learn about a topic before commenting! Southern actually have one of the best ratings for a TSO they have kept their trains clean and regularly on time. Would you rather Thameslink (fcc)?

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