Southern Rail passengers to strike?

Southern Rail passengers to strike?

We've heard of companies going on strike, but it looks like things are so bad at Southern Rail that their passengers are going to take matters into their own hands.

While it isn't a strike in the strictest sense of the word, commuters who use the beleaguered services are saying that they're not going to pay their fares after the complete mess they've been faced with.

You'll recall that even the unions went a bit easy on Southern, which the train company refused.

It is a huge problem for the people who rely on Southern, with some saying that they've had to quit jobs and move house, because the services are so unreliable.

Delays, cancellations and more, have seen those using Southern at their wit's end. The news that the company are going to kill off 341 trains from their daily schedule isn't going to help matters.

An emergency timetable is being implemented today, and customers are planning their own protest in conjunction with it.

One commuter told The Sunday Times: "I've thought for a long time that we need to have a passenger strike day where we … [say], 'We're not paying you anything'."

"I've seen grown men crying on the train because they are missing their kids so much."

As such, there's a Facebook group which has been set-up, with the unambiguous title of 'I f*cking hate Southern Rail'.

You can have a look at that page, here.

A spokesperson for Southern Rail said: "We understand the strength of feeling amongst passengers, and their frustration at the poor service and increase in random cancellations since the dispute with the RMT began."

"That is why we are introducing the amended timetable from Monday to restore greater consistency in the short-term so that passengers can plan around it."

"We are very sorry for the effect on our passengers and we are determined to provide the level of service they rightly demand. We will continue to do everything we can to bring this unnecessary industrial action, which is affecting the service so badly, to a close. This includes expected further talks with the union this week."

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