Southeastern delays caused by... sunlight!

Sun The day after we relayed the news that rail passengers are, by and large, a satisfied bunch, Southeastern and a host of other train companies were on hand to remind us why travelling by train can be murder inducingly frustrating.

Across the UK, services were down after overrunning engineering works left a host of lines without any power to work, with 20 services delayed or cancelled this morning, during the already stressful rush hour.

Southeastern though, were particularly bad, with trains delayed or axed, because of that most pesky of problems, sunlight.

What with 'the day time' being a thing for as long as there's been a sun in the galaxy, a Southeastern spokesperson was tapped up to say that it is indeed a legitimate source of problems which cause delays. They said on Twitter: "Unfortunately if the glare is on the monitors, the driver cannot dispatch for safety reasons."

Southeastern noted that their services were back in working order this morning, but of course, there were knock-on effects of the previous delays, which will continue throughout the day.

They continued: "Services were affected by power supply problems due to overrunning engineering works, which were supposed to be finished on time today. They are back to normal now, but there will be knock-on delays. We advise passengers to check updates online."


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