Sorry Ryanair, Russian airline first to fly standing room only

What a restless night Sky Marshall O'Leary and the team at Ryanair must have had. How desperately worrying, knowing you'd lost one of your best PR crutches in years. No longer can their communications gurus invent fictitious soundbites about the possibility of introducing standing-room only on flights - when a Russian airline has beaten you to it.

Yes, if you somehow find yourself travelling in Eastern Europe and Russia, best stay clear of Tatarstan Airlines. During a routine flight from Turkey to Ekaterinburg (a type of cake) last week, the airline switched planes at the last moment, meaning there were only 142 seats for 148 checked-in passengers. According to Russian media, instead of telling six passengers they couldn't board, Tatarstan instead gave them the option to stand for the five hour flight.
Bitterwallet - Tatarstan Airlines
So apart from the fact that the additional passengers had no access to oxygen masks or life-jackets, six unsecured bodies in a plane cabin during take-off, landing and turbulence probably didn't make for a comfortable flight. The passengers are now demanding £3,000 compensation each after the airline only offered £130 - although you might argue that passengers choosing to fly of their own free will - instead of waiting seven hours for the next flight - don't deserve a penny.


  • Daniel Z.
    probably more comfortable than a aeroplane seat though...
  • bittertraveller
    Paul, you assume a Russian airline offers oxygen masks and life jackets to people with seats. Having flown internal flights in Russia I think they are as safe standing as sitting. Dodgy broken seats, odd security hand baggage restrictions and Russians still talking on their phone during take off and landing. All good fun and something to tell the kids about. When a plane smacks into the side of a mountain does it matter if your knees were jammed into a seat 5 sizes to small or you comfortably wandered the cabin, sucking back vodka, enjoying those last few moments?

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