Snacks on a plane - what to do about obese passengers?

Imagine boarding a flight and finding yourself sat next to The Man Who Ate A Whole Family Of Horses For Breakfast. Sounds like a terrible yet incredibly entertaining film, but with the population becoming increasingly obese it's a problem that's going to grow in size (arf!). For example, this photo was allegedly taken by a member of the cabin crew on a recent American Airlines flight:

Bitterwallet - snacks on a plane

The photo was first published on the blog of Kieran Daly on Flight Global:

"This is sent to me with the absolute assurance that it's a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines. The flight attendant took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft and why she was unhappy about it."

The alleged concern of the staff member was that the passenger hadn't bought two seats yet was still allowed to board. There would no doubt have been an issue with regards to discrimination if they had been barred from the aircraft, but really - you wouldn't want to be stuck behind him in a fire, would you? Safe evacuation of the aircraft is a write-off, as is the trolley service, and even for a short haul flight, the guy in the middle seat is going to be scarred by that journey until the day he dies. It also makes a mockery of airlines charging outrageous amounts for excess baggage when you can smuggle a suitcase worth of additional weight on board in lard.

Judging by the comments on the post, plenty believe the photo is a fake, pointing out various artifacts in the image that are tell-tale signs, although some seem likely to be aberrations caused by the piss-poor quality of the camera. There's also the point made that he appears to be sat on the arm of his chair rather than in it, but that may simply be an act of goodwill to stop the other passenger suffocating.

Regardless of its authenticity, it's certainly started a conversation about how airlines should be behaving in these situations. Should passengers of a certain height or weight be charged more, or passengers of a certain waist size be required to take a second seat? Is that really discrimination if not only the comfort, but the safety of other passengers is at risk?

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  • dacouch
    "you wouldn’t want to be stuck behind him in a fire, would you? Safe evacuation" I would not like to behind him whilst he was evacuating...
  • xman
    How did he fastne his seatblet6? Which is a requirement no?
  • xman
    damn shouldn't have drunk that last bottle
  • JC
    I've always thought fattys should be charged more, the prospect of sitting next to one on a long haul flight would be more than I could bear. Regardless of whether the photo is real, that man has the same baggage allowance as me, I've always thought you should pay for your total weight, passenger and luggage. If that person requires the seatbelt extension they should pay for two seats.
  • James
    Grim! If he did pay extra it should be paid over to the passenger sat next to him.
  • Kev
    Fatties should definitely be paying for two seats, I've always though that. And I agree that passenger and luggage should be weighed together if the passenger's weight is over a set limit.
  • diGriz
    Put him at the back to help take off and a safe landing.
  • Mark M.
    Height? No. Fat, Yes. However, if i were to have to pay for a second seat, (if i was that much of a lard arse), surely then, i get 2 meals, double the free booze, and double the baggage allowance... no?
  • FattyDan
    I am a fatty and always buy 2 seats when I fly. There is nothing worse than having someone invade your personal space and I would not inflict that on anyone. Lets be honest here, its my fault for shoveling pizzas down my throat and nothing to do with the guy in the next seat has done so why should he suffer. Yes you get double baggage and meals too if you want them.
  • Nobby
    I don't think it should be done on weight. A heavy person can fit in a standard chair without hampering the person in the next seat. It is the really fat people that are the problem. If you cannot comfortably fit in a seat, without spilling into the next seat, then you should have to pay for two seats. It would not be proportional to weight, it would be proportional to how many seats you need. An alternative would be to make the gates at security narrower. If you are too fat to fit through them, then you cannot have access to departures or board the flight.
  • RobC
    at least if the side evacuation chutes failed and he went out first , you`d have a soft landing
  • Jack T.
    # Posted by RobC | December 2nd, 2009 at 6:18 pm at least if the side evacuation chutes failed and he went out first , you`d have a soft landing" Could he get out of the emergency door? Don't let him go first or he could block it. But then again if he went last and landed on you then you're fucked anyway.
  • Callum
    Like someone said, it should really only be done on the basis of whether you fit in the seat without causing discomfort to the person next to you. I don't see why you should be charged extra for being tall though, thats a bit irrelevent as you are just using up space in mid-air that otherwise isn't used by anyone.
  • spencer
    I dont think it's fair to discriminate against someone and subsequently punish them because of the way they were born. I'm 6ft 5 and am broad built, i have size 13 shoes, 34inch legs, and so on, but I'm not fat. I watch what I eat and I exercise 4 days a week. However, 'm naturally just large. If airlines introduced a fat-tax to fly I would suffer because of it through no fault of my own. I dont think you could get away with it. And anyway, what if the porker is flying with his/her spouse/partner. If their flabby arms encroach on their loved ones* space then surely that would be acceptable. It's if all that arm fat spills into a strangers space that we have a problems. *assuming their loved one is an actual human being and not an assortment of pies or delicious cakes
  • In f.
    @spencer *assuming that you're not an overgrown idiot that complains about discrimination, whilst actually discriminating! Get over it, you overgrown heffer of a cunt.
  • Milf
    Fat people are really funny, aren't they?
  • Jeffrey A.
    I wish you lot would just leave me alone. I can't help the fact that I'm such a fat twat. I just wish that my picture wasn't now banding around the internet for all to see! I'm so fat I should just curl up into a ball and eat myself. THE FAT DESERVE TO FLY!
  • Dilf
    Yes Milf, you are really funny!
  • In f.
    Arse burgers!
  • James
    im a 6'3'' 21st body builder. i dont require two seats, or take up anyone else (or the isle's) space, so should I be required to pay more?
  • David
    They should put in turnstiles like they have in Alton Towers.
  • Nonce-Sense
    I can't stand fatties, but why should people be charged because airplane seats are so tiny?! You (should) pay per person, and it is the airlines responsibility to ensure that every person can fit into a set - if that means they have some special segregated fattie section where they have extra wide seats then so be it.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. How do they get the food and duty free trolley past him?
  • Callum
    Nonce Sense - No its not. They provide seats that are suitable for the vast majority of people, and always have been. The explosion of obese people isn't because people are suddenly born bigger (they may have been over-fed, under-exercised as a baby/child though I guess). Space is at a premium in economy - why should they get bigger seats when, on the whole, its a self-inflicted condition.
  • Chris
    Hi Brian That is all.
  • Nonce-Sense
    The "explosion" of fatties is directly linked to the use of formula instead of breast milk. Just check the UK growth charts (still based on the growth of formula fed babies) and the WHO charts (based on much more healthy breast fed babies). Unsurprisingly this continues into adulthood. So, by "self-inflicted" I take it you mean inflicted by parents, corporations and a government that allows/condones it? Besides all that, who has ever heard someone get out of a plane and say "oh, that seat was perfect for me!"? Plane seats are notoriously undersized for the "vast majority" of people. Though that is a strawman anyway, can people in wheelchairs/with special needs not fly, because most seats are suitable for most people (according to you)? Of course not - if a person wants to fly they book a seat per person - those seats should then be suitable for that person. If the companies want to play it that way then my 5 midget friends want to book one seat between them - it'll certainly save them money!
  • Ted S.
    The explosion of fatties is directly linked to pie sales.
  • David
    It's all about baby milk. And soy. And flouridation. And Area 51. Of couse there's some other explanation other than people failing to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Brian
    I'm Brian. I am a complete and utter cunt. Hello everybody :o)
  • Nonce-Sense
    Who even mentioned soyA, fluoride or area 51? There is a direct correlation between baby FORMULA (not milk) and being overweight. But then being a RD or RPHNutr you'd know that, wouldn't you?
  • Nonce-Sense
    and to lighten the mood for everyone else, a joke on the current topic: A man walks into a petrol station and says, "Can I please have a KitKat Chunky?" The lady behind the till gets him a KitKat Chunky and brings it back to him. "No," says the man, "I wanted a normal KitKat, you fat bitch."
  • Inactive
    Imagine having 2 of them in the aisle and middle seat and you being stuck in the window seat for 11 hours. I blame the Yanks, they gave us MacDonalds.
  • Amanda H.
    Nonce-Sense your a complete and utter fuckwit, both my kids had to be bottle fed, and both are underweight. you complete and utter statistic jockey.
  • MyusernameusedtobeaFerarri
    I think the only logical solution would be to have a big race - The plane takes off and everybody who bought tickets could run and try and catch on to the plane (obviously there will be like ropes or something on the side to help people climb on) That would sort those fat bastards out as well as sort out the problem ov overselling seats. Simple
  • Inactive
    Simple solution, make the entrance doors on aircraft narrower.
  • Gunn
    There are seats free behind him
  • amusing-name
    How about take the seats out and let the skinny bods sit on the fat people. Nice and comfy! On the return flight the fat people can sit on the thin people - see who's larfing then!!
  • Antony L.
    How dare you post that photo. I have every right to take a holiday
  • Brian
    It's simple, put that guy in a chair.....wedge him in, make sure he's stuck, feed him very little for a few months and he'll lose weight easily. I'm contacting Ryanair about this idea they'll be all over it like a 17 year old boy who has just noticed that his 15 year old female neighbour now has massive jugs....
  • Nonce-Sense
    amanda hugginkiss - your point being? Babies fed nutritionally void formula and babies fed on breast-milk can be malnourished. Shock Horror!! tell the world something it didn't know. Doesn't change the basic facts though. Thanks for making it clear what a shit parent you are though, feeding your kids on that shit. "had to be" my arse!
  • adr0ck
    to all the small dicked napoleans who think that plane seat sizes are big enough if your missis says that you satisfy her - she's lying
  • me
    Andy Dawson is fat!
  • Tim
    @Nonce-Sense: "it is the airlines responsibility to ensure that every person can fit into a set – if that means they have some special segregated fattie section where they have extra wide seats then so be it" They do. It's called First Class. If you can't fit into an economy sized seat, your options are to go First Class or buy 2 seats. Your choice.
  • adr0ck
    @ Tim its the same for concerts etc if your under six feet tall and you can't see your favourite band because of all the tall people standing in front of you, your options are to sit in the seated area or buy the dvd. Your choice.
  • Dai
    @adr0ck - your "missis" says that I satisfy her, and unlike economy plane seats I don't have any problem getting in.
  • Di C.
    I am a narrow woman, and once flew on a flight in the middle seat between two LARGE body building type men... they were not huge fatties, but they encroached on my space and it was the most uncomfortable flight of my entire life! I can not imagine if I were even slightly over weight - or obese - what would the airline have done? If I were fat I would not have fit between these two guys at all. It would not have worked and they would have had to make someone move. Yes, I believe if you are a certain larger girth - that you should have to pay for two seats. Whether it is because you are obese, or just plain wide bodied because you are a body builder. - If you encroach on someone elses seat, that is not fair to the people who paid for that seat... (unless like someone else above suggested, it is a family member that would allow that.)
  • Sing B.
    I bet he has the armrest in an upright position
  • me
    Did I mention that Andy Dawson is fat?
  • Amanda H.
    Nonce (good name) my son was born a perfect weight, my partner breast fed him immediatley. We wanted to breast feed, aswell as it saving a load of beer money for me, HA! He starved for the first 2 weeks of his life and nearly fucking died-you dosile prick. He wanted to feed constantly and wouldnt sleep for more than 5 mins without crying, and the fucking Holier than thou "breast is best!" fucking Nurses (must have been your mum), wouldnt even give him some water, they just thought my partner and son couldnt latch on properly (not like me anyway), and kept showing her "how to do it". Bollocks. Fact is, my partner had no milk (yes thats right something like that NEVER happens does it!?). I stepped, nay barged in that maternity ward in with formula milk, and he fed and was happy. SO YOU CAN STICK YOUR TITTY MILK UP YOUR ARSE! lol Your fucking ideals are up the shitter mate, making sweeping generalisations like that. cause if everyone like you follows the stats. we all be up shit street. BITTY!
  • Amanda H.
    But then being a RD or RPHNutr you’d know that, wouldn’t you? eat your words back again, toss fuck.
  • In f.
    @Amanda Hugginnkiss Lots of use of the word "partner" there. I'm not suprised he couldn't feed. Men don't lactate, no matter how gay they are!
  • Amanda H.
    My willy lactates.
  • marie
  • Spelling C.
    @ Amanda Hugginkiss. You're spelling is atrocious. Obviously you were bottle fed which is why you're a complete and utter fuckwit, I have no doubts that you're bottle fed children will be the same.
  • Amanda H.
    YOUR spelling is fine. My spelling is just as bad as YOUR grammar. I wish you well with YOUR child killing views/job nonce. YOU ARE (or You're) a fuckwit. ps. FAIL
  • Spelling C.
    Obviously not a fan of sarcasm. Retard.
  • Nonce-Sense
    yeah yeah, he nearly starved - (I'm sure you mean failure to thrive, what with you having even the slightest clue what you are talking about) - which is a common problem in the UK. Wanna know why? I already told you in my first post you absolute fuckwit. In the UK health visitors (who themselves are partially-trained monkeys - I had one try to "teach" me nutrition. Nutrition that my training as a Registered Dietitian told me was false,) use charts based on formula-fed (fat) babies. When a naturally fed baby doesn't put on the same amount of weight they scream failure-to-thrive! Do some research and stand your ground instead of being a braindead idiot. Also, could you please tell me a perfect weight baby? I wasn't aware that such a thing existed. Maybe you meant a baby who was dead on the 50th centile. I feel really sorry for your missus, didn't even get a chance to bond properly with her child, didn't get a chance to feed her child a healthy diet, and to give her a good start in life. What a cunt of a partner you are. Child abuser and misogynist. And yes, being a RD I can say that, you lackwit. And that is Nonce-Sense, you tit - at least see what it means. fuckup.
  • Amanda H.
    Oh dear, i was waiting all day for a witty reply, i got home from work and found that. I was hoping you'd reply and clarify what me and my partner should have done, and not log in as someone else to pickup on spelling mistakes (oh wait) or bang on about bollocks from a text book (oh wait). Understand this, a milk pump, administered from a twatty Nurse who wouldnt let my son drink anything else other than tit milk, didnt get one drop of milk. Read that over and over again until your brain "gets it". Starve, yes thats the word (I'll let you google the definition of that one), you know. Its kind of linked to losing weight (oh wait, thats what my son did shortly after he was born, and continued to lose weight, until we fed him "SHIT" milk) you must have missed that word when you learnt from the other monkeys. So, let me get this nugget of info clear. From a "professional". Cause I am soooo stooopid. ...a new born baby that doesnt get any milk from its mother, SHOULD under no circumstances have any other substitute? So, If a child, cant get any milk from mum, it should be left to "Starve" to death. Ok, thanks for that, mr Pro. I dont think your gonna win this one, Youll just have to call me names and pickup on speeeling mistakes, cause the content of your argument is quite frankly dire. Lets have some more chart data and WHO info to back you up. Your not a politician aswell are you? Please tell me, how mr pro would deal with intensive care babies, babies which have no mum. I know, I know, let them die. simples. Oh please, god of Nutrition, what should of I done? Which magic fairy could have fed my not-starving-but-losing-weight-child? Im very happy you weren't there in the maternity ward, otherwise I would have starved your ever so small brain of oxygen. (but I reckon you could have survived that, as if babies can do without milk, you should do ok with no air, eh?) Please tell me, no us, here at shitter wallet, where you work, just so that we can avoid your professional "help". Just a county will do thanks.
  • Spelling C.
    @ Amanda Hugginkiss I really do worry about the future of the human race when simpletons like you are siring children.
  • Amanda H.
    No grammar mistakes this time? No "sarcasm"? Run out have we? YOUR wil bwane hirt? Come one nonce, you can do better than that. Think man, THINK! FINNNNKK! I don't mean to brag, but this argument is too one sided, please contribute or I will lose interest. Log in as someone else to back you up. I won't tell!? WHO charts on the double! More stats please. They must have the answer to our little conundrum. Perhaps I should have fed my son the growth chart? That's it, yes, i could have blended it up. No, Ive got it, What I should have done is copied Jim Carey In: Me Myself And Irene, and stolen some golden magical breast milk from another mum. Oh and Nonce: "to give HIM a good start in life." Just wanted to clear that bit up. I did mention it, but you seem to have the knack of not listening to people. They might not have taught you the differences in boys & girls just yet. Im getting tired of this one sided argument, so please a better rebuttal than last time? pweese?
  • sensi
    "bang on about bollocks from a text book" - I think that explains exactly who you are. No need for you or I to say anything further. You can keep spouting your inbred, thick-as-pigshit, child and woman hating rubbih as much as you want. The simple fact is you are a shit father, a shit partner and a shit human. I would worry about the future of the human race - but you and your kin will wipe yourselves out fast enough, what with your clear lack of intelligence. I just feel sorry for the poor kid until he dies - pity his ever-so-small brain wasn't starved of oxygen during birth - at least then he wouldn't have to put up with you as a father until he does succumb. also, good to see you assume everyone is male - nice gender bias there. But then who would expect anything else from a misogynist?
  • sensi
    oh, and this is nonse-sense of course, I don't need to hide behind sock-puppets.
  • Amanda H.
    really? i wouldnt have known. so, more hard evidence there to back up your bullshit. So not only can you not back up your facts, YOU ARE wrong about everything you've said. my LIVING child is proof of that. If you were in charge, he would be dead, so some parent you'd be! Christ, you make me out to be some child beating, wife hitting, beer jockey yokel, in comparison your Joseph Fucking Fritzle. & Myra Hindleys Love child. You cant answer simple questions, All you can do is shout abuse, clap, clap, clap. Gender bias, fuck me, you cant even talk about my son without reffering to him as a her. Basic fucking fact. I wouldnt trust you medically with a plaster. Ive asked for simple answers and you cant give them. You make sweeping generalisations that you cant defend when given simple life experiences you then deny they even fucking exisited in the first place. Jesus Fucking Christ. Next.
  • Antony L.
    Look its not my fault. You bastards should pick on someone else. Fuck off!
  • Financial S.
    Wow, is that a REAL PICTURE! Come on!
  • Richard D.
    Truth is Amanda Hugginkiss you are a complete simpleton. Go back to your town of six toed window linkers and leave us normal people to get back to living our normal lives free of special needs cases like yourself.
  • Amanda H.
    Normal, as in hippy activists? Child Killer.
  • Simon C.
    @AH Please don't feed the trolls. Not milk anyway.
  • Gareth
    Amanda (if that is your real name) you're a bit of a freak aren't you? You do realise that breast milk is for your baby and not you don't you? Dickhead.
  • Amanda H.
    Get a job, hippy trolls!
  • Gareth
    I have a job thank you very much. I doubt that your profession is much to live up to though, do they have a space for windowlicker as a profession on forms these days?
  • Amanda H.
    why dont you ask your mum that one. It is nice to see an argument based wholy on facts and information from intelligent sources. Especially from a "pro". Keep up the good "work" Nonce. Or was it "Nonse", you dont seem to know yourself.
  • Gareth
    Surely you mean WHOLLY don't you? Yet more basis of the fact that you are an ill educated retardobot.
  • Amanda H.
  • Gareth
    That's right It's time to go to sleep your tiny brain has been working so hard.
  • Kaylie P.
    It's great to see people freely expressing their opinion.Thanks for your insights.
  • Flying B.
    [...] the two seats are available side-by-side so a safety belt can be secured to the second seat for passengers suffering grande rotundness. We’d question whether the arm rests will sit flush with the seats when fully raised and [...]
  • Harry G.
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  • Brittani M.
    I enjoy reading your posts but maybe this time you perhaps have been too tired while writing because the blog post it feels rushed.

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