Smoking to be banned in your car

cigarette Next month, you won't be allowed to smoke in your own car if you have children riding with you. If you do, you'll be fined £60 or you'll have five points added onto your driving licence.

So, if you're a driver who is considered to be failing to take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent others smoking in cars with children, you can face a fine up to £10,000. Just imagine how many cartons of cigarettes you could buy with £10,000.

The law applies to any cars carrying children and, in addition to this, a proper ban will come into place in December, being implemented proper in October 2015.

Obviously, smokers are going to have to start putting their children on the roof rack if they want to get stuck into some Benson & Hedges.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "The time has come," for a ban, like some ominous overlord.

This change in law will be made under provisions in the Children and Famlies Act. Legally speaking, a child is anyone up to the age of 18, but of course, 16 year olds can toot bifters as well, so that'll be a fun game for those enforcing the law.

Anyway, there you have it. No more smoking next to your children while you're driving. What do you make of that? Do you feel like people who smoke around children are arses, so sod 'em? Or, is it the principle of the matter, with the government telling you what to do in the privacy of your own vehicle, that ticks you off?


  • sarah
    That is the most stupidest law that government has come up with. Soon they will ban smoking in your own home. I hate how the world works this day and age. Just concentrate on more important things like bringing the soldiers home for Christmas and give them a decent break from fighting.
  • Shaune
    Good, Health wise and distraction wise too, Although regarding the latter lot's of things cause distractions. Like women messing with their hair and make-up etc..
  • smoker
    are the government going to start paying for my car, tax, insurance, mot, petrol, servicing etc ? i think not because it is nothing to do with them....right? well what i do in my own car and the decisions i make for any children who are in my car is also nothing to do with them ! responsible parents / drivers should be left to make their own decisions and not be dictated to by government trying to "grab" votes, jumping all over tax payers who by owning and driving are contributing to the economy and the taxes we are charged for the privilege !
  • Ben
    That's awful. The next thing you know all forms of harming our children will be banned. A whole generation of kids could end up without the joys of asthma, or would miss learning new words when their parents drop hot ash onto their crotches.
  • Monika S.
    what about electronic cigarettes and vaporisers?
  • Confused
    So if a 17 year old driver (who is legally a child) has an 18 year old passenger who happens to be smoking, can the 17 year old driver be fined £10k for not taking sufficient steps to stop his passenger from smoking? And what if the 17 year old is by himself and sparks up a fag, can he be fined for smoking in a car with a child in it? What a fecking nonsense.
  • SFJ
    Just this morning I sat in traffic behind some idiot who was puffing away with 3 kids of varying ages in the car. I felt so sorry for them and hated him for it. Is it likely he would even obey such a law? Maybe not as there are many neanderthals like "Smoker" above who wants to "make his own decisions" about subjecting kids to poison and the potential for disease. It's just those types of people that make these laws necessary.
  • Arthur
    If you're smoking in the car with kids in there's no doubt you're a shit parent. I'm willing to bet every kid sitting in the back seat with their parents puffing away wished they would stop, unfortunately these parents don't care so the state have to step in to force them to be better parents.
  • Squeg
    What if you have a soft top roof?
  • Big_P
    my wife doesn't smoke in the car with the children in and never has. she even stands outside when were at home to have a cig, even in the rain and snow. she might not care about giving herself cancer but she doesn't want to harm the kids......why would anyone else want to harm their own children??
  • Arthur
    @ Sarah Soldiers signed up knowing exactly what was expected of them, don't complain when they have to do what they are well paid for. @smoker You are harming your children's health, no decent parent would ever deliberately do this. Unfortunately you lacked the skills to do society a favour and stick a condom on the end of your mediocre cock when shooting your load up the cum dump of your then girlfriend. I pity your kids, they deserve better than you.
  • an s.
    I totally agree with this law and it so rightly should have been implemented when the smoking ban in public was issued. Any parent/carer who smokes with children in a car, confined space or within breathing distance of a child is abusing that child. The poor children probably have no say in breathing in your harmful toxins! Even 20mins after smoking you still have the smoke in your lungs and if you are then to go and kiss your children goodnight for example you're breathing all that onto them. Couldn't agree with this law more!!
    Cant believe you even have to tell people not to smoke in car with kids in it.
  • smoket
    When are you going to ban parents eating macdonalds in the cars too It causes kid to be fat
  • Noghar
    Hate smoking, never have smoked, and won't allow my wife to smoke in the car, mostly because it makes me want to puke. It's still a stupid law, because it won't be enforced, because coppers have too much to do combatting actual crime. Out local council brought in a shed load of regulations about dog walking and did it make a blind bit of difference? No, because they can't afford to pay anyone to enforce the rules. It's empty posturing and a waste of time. All this does is bring the law into disrepute and make the government look like a load of finger-wagging grannies. And then they piss and moan that the EU is too interfering.
  • police o.
    its bad how the smoker gets the choice of fine or the points, smoking in a car with children who's lungs are still growing/developing!!! it's beyond me why people would put their children at risk, you are supposed to protect your kids by instinct, it proves to me that smokers have the same mentality as drug addicts where in their own minds they actually justify doing what they do. As for the police not having the time to deal with this is complete nonsense, where it will not be a priority you will be sure it will not be ignored or tolerated.
  • Jessie J.
    Yes, I agree with the fact that smoking around your kids is shit. This law is also shit.
  • Slacker
    @police officer - Oh, I'm certain this will be enforced (if introduced). The police are all about making easy arrests and raking in money from fixed penalty tickets. After all, it's not like there's any real crime for the violent, shiftless, donut-scoffing bastards to be solving, is there?
  • The S.
    @police officer Nice one - just what I like to see from the law enforcers "protecting us". Lumping all smokers into the same category. I applaud your diversity and neutrality. I'm pretty certain there are smokers who never smoke around kids and don't even hold their cigarettes at kid eye level when they're running about. Just like I'm sure there must be police officers who are unbiased, non-racist and use violence only as a last resort. No, wait . . .
  • Big M.
    'It’s still a stupid law, because it won’t be enforced, because coppers have too much to do combating actual crime.' Bullshit - it will be enforced with glee. It's an easy result, a shoe-in. Target driven policing ensures this happens all the time, and coppers will need to go out achieve their targets. And yes smokers are drug addicts. Nicotine is a drug and smokers are addicted. They don't all smoke in front of their kids though, so shouldn't all be universally condemned. When you have (alleged) Police Officers stating that, " ......., it proves to me that smokers have the same mentality as drug addicts where in their own minds they actually justify doing what they do", it makes you wonder about the quality of that officer. A PC should have some Idea about what constitutes 'proof', what it actually means, whilst collecting and presenting evidence without bias. You state, "it proves...". What? What proves your opinion Officer? Please be specific, as no specific behaviour / finding / analysis has been reported, on the creation of a specific law. Also please state how or in what way, "its [sic] bad how the smoker gets the choice of [a] fine or the points...". Any Alternatives or solutions.
  • Johnson
    Sarah - which troops are you looking to be home for Christmas? The ones who aren't in Iraq or who aren't in Afghanistan? This is an obvious law that will hopefully persuade some parents to actually think about the damage they're doing to their children, not just in the car.
  • Charles
    it's simple really so I don't see why people are looking at this forum to doubting things like the quality of the officer and what a pc should do? facts are: smoke in a car with children is wrong, there is now a penalty for it..... it's simple....don't do it, but smokers just smoke away just don't do it in a car with kids! that's it really.... why go onabout crap about lumping smokers in the same category and diversity issues! people stop analysing comments and accept the raw fact that it's wrong to smoke with kids in the car, I unfortunatly smoke but never around close proximity of kids i know it's wrong to do so, I think it's right that people that do it will be punished.
  • _Me_
    DONALDO - unfortunately, some people are so stupid that they need a law to tell them how modern, responsible parents act. There are some idiots and trolls in this thread that seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to make their kids suffer. As a smoker, a parent and a child who was brought up having to sit in a smoke-filled car, like someone else' wife above, I have never, ever smoked in my own home or car and therefore not in front of my kids either.
  • me
    Fox bumming
  • Concerned m.
    Who can you contact if you know someone is smoking with your child in there car?
  • Derek
    I will not be dictated to by this bullshit government if the person next to me is of the age to smoke and wants to smoke in my car I will join them and if I am stopped by the police and taken to court for not paying my fine I will take it further because this is discrimination against me anybody else cries discrimination they won't do anything

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