Skype, FaceTime and Netflix on British Airways!

BA skype netflix

From 2017, if you fly with British Airways, you'll be able to use a number of internet-based things to distract you from the fact that both of your buttocks have gone dead from boredom.

You'll be able to Skype, FaceTime and Netflix while on BA's planes, thanks to a deal with a company called Gogo, who will be incorporating WiFi on long flights.

Gogo's will be providing flights with a satellite WiFi system called 2Ku, and apparently, you'll be able to get internet speeds of (up to, of course) 70 Mbps on-board.

BA have said that this service will be the fastest WiFi connection on any long-haul flight, and the whole thing has cost them over £30 million to sort out.

There'll be a free basic service for all customers, but if you want to pay more for a premium service, you'll be able to.

BA's parent company also owns some other firms, so this service will be appearing on some flights for Iberia and Aer Lingus.

IAG chief executive Willie Walsh said: "We believe this will be the best WiFi on international flights anywhere. This will be exactly as if you're connected to WiFi in your house. We'll be able to have everybody on board using multiple devices and we're going to get speeds that are similar to you being at home."

"That's why we wanted this. There's nothing more frustrating than if you're a passenger and you're told it's there but you're sitting there waiting for your screen to refresh. It just becomes more irritating than not having it and some of the early technology we just felt was not something we could offer our customers and convince them that it was going to work consistently."

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