Sky Marshall O'Leary ready to take to the road and race Sir Stelios

Bitterwallet - Michael O'Leary welcomes families to Ryanair

You might not like his airline or his business tactics but there comes a time when you have to just stand back and admire the balls on Ryanair’s Sky Marshall Michael O’Leary.

Faced with a legal threat from Easyjet’s Sir Stelios over a Ryanair ad, O’Leary has said that he’ll pull the ads if Stelios will take him on in a ‘Chariots Of Fire’-style race around Trafalgar Square. No, really.

Sir Stelios claims that Ryanair have made "baseless and grossly defamatory" statements about him in the ads, which focussed on Easyjet’s reluctance to publish their punctuality figures and featured a photo of Sir Stelios with an elongated Pinocchio nose. Classy stuff Sky Marshall.

The Easyjet boss wants an apology and damages for what his lawyers say are causing: “ongoing and escalating damage to our client's reputation.” But all the Sky Marshall wants to do is pull on a pair of trainers and settle the feud like a pair of seven-year-olds.

O’Leary adds that if Sir Stelios doesn’t fancy a race to settle things, he’ll be happy to sort it with a Sumo fight, saying: “As long as he provides the nappies, bring it on.”


  • Nobby
    Stelios should take him on. Then wear a massive false nose, so he can cross the finish line with 50m to go.
  • F. F.
    Stelios should opt for the sumo fight. That'd shut up the annoying feckwit; sorry I mean BW's latest office pin up.
  • Just one more reason no to travel Ryanair, the weasely c**t.
  • james d.
    but I do like his airline and business practices.
  • Dave
    The man excels at getting him and his company name in the press. If no publicity is bad publicity....
  • Kevin
    I think a crowbar fight would be much more fun to watch.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Marshall O’Leary challenges Easyjet’s Sir Stelios to a running race. No, [...]
  • gilgamesh w.
    I'm sorry but there will never come a time when I will "just stand back and admire the balls on Ryanair’s Sky Marshall Michael O’Leary". His (alleged) testicular appendages are of no interest to me, whatsoever.

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