Sky Marshall chooses not to obey laws and abandons stranded passengers instead

Bitterwallet - Michael O'Leary welcomes families to Ryanair

Oh Michael, Michael, why must you continue to alternately dazzle and hurt the children of Earth. We speak not of Michael Jackson, because he’s probably hiding away in the Middle East, but of Michael O’Leary, the Sky Marshall of Ryanair.

Sky Marshall has infuriated hordes of Ryanair passengers and right-thinking types everywhere by flouting EC laws designed to help stranded passengers who have been held hostage by The Ash Cloud.

The rules, which are supposedly quoted on Ryanair’s website (it was late when we wrote this and we didn’t check) state that airlines must provide food and drinks and hotel accommodation if appropriate when passengers are stranded, with no time or monetary limits on the commitment to the poor stranded folks.

O’Leary is choosing to interpret the law differently and is merely offering them a refund on the price of their ticket, which could be as little as… well, nothing, in some cases.

Sky Marshall noisily parped: "There's no legislation designed that says any airline getting a fare of €30 should be reimbursing passengers many thousands of euros for hotel accommodation. It's absurd. I don't have a problem with everything being grounded for a day or two but there should have been a much faster response by the governments and transport ministers and by the regulators. This is one of these issues we want addressed – why exactly are the airlines expected to be reimbursing people's hotels, meals and everything else when the governments are the ones who made a balls of this?"

Then he angrily and repeatedly stabbed a pin into a voodoo sausage dog that had ‘The Government And Everyone Who Doesn’t Agree With Me’ painted across its back in Tippex. Probably.

Dear reader, does Sky Marshall have a valid point… or is he just a twat?


  • Alexis
    Yawn. 100 small claims cases, 100 CCJS against RyanAir. Tossers.
  • Farina M.
    I'm sure he'll be the first one down on his knees noshing on the EU's chunky bell-end when they start offering compensation.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    You know, when I heard this story on BBC1, I actually thought of you guys!
  • Ashley
    I really hate the Sky Marshall, but I think he actually has a valid point.
  • Tom
    To answer your question: He is just a twat.
  • Codify
    Just a twat, as usual.
  • OMFG
    Pay up leprachaun! Or I fly with aircunnylingus instead next time.
  • M4RKM
    Doesn't the EU laws apply to people with return tickets though? I'm pretty sure Ryanair don't sell return tickets....
  • Robert
    @ M4RKM Good point
  • Paul S.
    I'm going to appear to be a bit of a twat here, but I can understand the Sky Marshall's point of view. Ryanair can't be held responsible for the volcano, as fun as it would be to blame him for that, or the restrictions placed on it over the past week. Consumers have to accept it wasn't his fault, as much as they're looking for somebody to blame. That said, to not even attempt to offer any level of care is disappointing. A nominal amount of aid - even €10 per person per day - would make a huge difference to many families. Although airlines have lost plenty in revenue, they've also had minimal costs for the past week, too.
  • Steve B.
    @ M4RKM & Robert Yes they do. As evidenced by the two cute little radio buttons on their website, one saying "Return" and the other "One Way", fucking up your otherwise excellent theory. Rot in hell Ryanair and all ye bear.
  • David
    Typical. You can imagine hime coming round to tarmac your drive, can't you?
  • MayContainNuts
    Paul Smith... Surely this isn't a question of "blame", but a question of EU Law... If EU law says he has to pay up, he has to pay up. All he's doing is making it more expensive for his customers to claim back the money which they are legally entitled to by being a twat. Saying that, anyone who still flies with RyanAir gets everything they deserve - you've got to realise by now that you're paying such cheap prices because you're selling your soul to the devil.
  • Lumoruk
    Charge a little extra for your tickets then such occurrences won't be a problem, Easyjet happily refunded my return flight home with another airliner (Aer Lingus) from Vienna when flights were cancelled due to snow. The original flight cost £70, the flight with Aer Lingus was £300 so they paid £230 to get me home in time for christmas. Thank you easyjet.
  • The B.
    Who the hell flies Ryanair anyway? If anyone has that little sense then frankly they deserve it.
  • Gunn
    This is a difficult one as I can see the law is good to protect consumers if the airlines mess up and your stranded but this wasn't them directly, so I wouldn't want to pay up either, but I'm not sure who should. Clearly the travel insurance people are the ones laughing, they get paid and don't have to pay out while the airlines have to refund tickets and stump up hotel, food, phone bill costs. Doesn't seem fair.
  • Mr G.
    Clearly he's not to blame for the volcano and it is unreasonable to destroy thousands of airline jobs by unthinkingly enforcing a law which clearly didn't envisage the circumstances which have arisen. However for his statement that he is not going to abide by the law he should be permanently banned from being the director of any company and should serve a jail sentence. And for being a twat he should be repeatedly buggered by a herd of syphilitic porcupines
  • Tom P.
    Time to delete this thread, looks like Sky Marshall is going to comply with EU regs.
  • kev
    seriously misquoting Sky Marshall there, he IS and always has been complying with the law, he just said on Sky News tother day that he thinks the law is stupid (which I agree with), and will be challenging it in the near future best delete this imo, does bitterwallet want to be sued for defamation?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Tom Pickering / kev.... Doesn't sound like he is saying that to me... "Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary described the care rules as ludicrous. He said the airline would consider all passenger requests for "reasonable receipted expenses" but the reimbursement would be limited to the original air fare paid by each passenger."
  • Bob
    He's a dick, I understand his point and clearly it's not the Airlines fault, But they have a contract with the customer to get them from A to B and B to A etc.. They seem to think it's ok to cancel a contract when the customer is in need the most. Can the customer cancel and have a full refund without incurring an "admin fee" etc... I bet in normal circumstances probably can't even claim a refund. Says what we already know about Ryanair. Clearly they don't care about the customer, Don't abide by the rules, Yet they'll probably get away with it. Why would anyone want to fly with Ryanair anyway? I suppose with Ryanair you get what you pay for, Or maybe not in this case.
  • robstar
    Anyone else notice the great weather we are having in the UK? Is it just a coincidence or do plains actually cause clouds. Id happily swap travelling by air for a long summer.
  • Reg W.
    He is all hot air, as he has now chickened out and said he will comply with EU laws. He should engage brain befor inserting foot in mouth. Personally I was looking farward to all the law suits that he was going to lose.
  • Andy B.
  • Skymarshall
    I think the point made was valid. As is the one about insurance companies and their "Act of God" clause. What a joke. Also, it's a pisstake that all of the hotels and train companies are making so much out of each and every passenger that's stranded, why isn't anyone "journalistically investigating" them?
  • Gunn
    Just saw him on Sky News, he argued well enough.
  • tits
    take the rough with the smooth ryanair wankers
  • Criss
    Law suit this, EU that, suck it up all you stranded fucking idiots. It's a vlocano! It's nobody's fault, so you have to pay for your own lunch like EVERY OTHER FUCKER IN THE WORLD! This blame culture is way out of control.
  • Mr G.
    @robstar: I think there is something in the idea of aircraft causing clouds. Research after "9/11" showed that the flying ban led to a total of 2% more sunlight reaching the ground in the US. Clearly the way to curb global warming is to get more planes up there. Bloody environmentalists: never think things through...
  • robstar
    Its all a conspiracy anyway. I heard from a reliable source on the intaweb that the planes were grounded to stop a terrorist plot. The Icelandic volcano was just subterfuge.
  • Dunky
    Hahahahahahaha...he'll have to pay out re-imbursement to everyone stranded...he'll grudge every euro...makes it all the funnier...useless airline anyway...ran by an arrogant up O' me the money!!....
  • Kevin
    People like him seem happy to accept EU law when it means they can treat customers like shit and make massive profits. The EU law are the things they agree to in order to get their license to fly in the EU. Don't agree then lose their license. Wish he'd stuck to his guns now ;)
  • Italians B.
    [...] the time, the Sky Marshall noisily parped: “There’s no legislation designed that says any airline getting a fare of €30 should be [...]

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