Sit down and shut up - Ryanair considers charging for seat reservations

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryWe've had to replace the batteries in our Ryanair News Klaxon™, because it failed to sound at the end of last week when this unfortunate news arrived. The Independent reports that the budget airline is considering the introduction of reserved seating on all its flights. The cost? A whopping €10 each way.

Ryanair began trialling the new Book-A-Seat service last month, on routes from Dublin to Gatwick and Malaga. The newspaper reports that so far the scheme has proven far more successful than expected, and that Ryanair will trial seat reservations on another route over the summer before making a decision on whether to extend the service across all routes.

It's a shame, because this was one point where Ryanair won over the likes of Jet2, who already charge for reservations. The fact is charging for seat reservations are a self-fulfilling prophecy; airlines claim that the service provides piece-of-mind to passengers who want sit next to partners and family, but there are rarely any issues when passengers choose to sit where they like, because people will happily move to accommodate others.

Introducing seat reservations simply scares people into paying for them. Then again, it's more a surprise that Ryanair didn't introduce these charges a long time ago.


  • P. E.
    Piece-of-mind? That's what I'd give them certainly.
  • Gunn
    Does mean that all passengers get a seat number assigned then? if so this is great news for those not paying as means you dont' have to queue before the plane lands like usual and just wait knowing you have a seat with your name on it
  • thefunboi
    I believe your report is slightly inaccurate, at the time Ryanair released a press release in their news section on this. They were trialling charging €10 per seat, each way, FOR EXTRA LEG ROOM SEATS over the wing, and the first two rows.
  • Joff
    Gunn, only idiots queue at the boarding gate. Just sit until the rest of the plane has boarded, wait another five minutes to let them all finish cramming duty free into the overhead compartments and then walk onto the plane and sit in any available seat. No effort.
  • DeejaySF
    They'll be charging you for the fucking oxygen you breath per cubic metre onboard next.
  • james D.
    I don't think ryanair will actually do this because it will increase complexity in seating people. Ryanair is all about getting people on the plane and sitting down as fast as possible.
  • wulls
    Just flew to Malta with Ryanair and was met with the jobsworth telling us we couldnt sit in the wing seats unless we had booked them.....The fact that the seats were not available to be booked when we booked the flight did not faze him in the slightest..... Then the supervisor brandished the memo confirming the latest money squeezing scam while telling us "I know what you are going to say".....fuck me ....a mind reader !!!!!........ Should be on the stage rather than being a trolley dolly. So the flight took off with the invisible man and his whole family in the emergency exit seats over the wings..... I suspect the CAA might not be amused with this........ I was caught scratching my bollocks and was told that would be an extra charge from next week...... OK , That's not true but the way these arseholes cary on I wouldn't be in the least surprised. You get what you pay for......
  • Stansted w.
    Well it is now a fact, just checked in and Ryanair tried to get another £10 off me for requesting a seat next Monday to Aarhus. Ryanair certainly are at the top of the league when it comes to dreaming up new money making schemes! I wonder if they would give me a discount if I did the safety briefing? I see/here it every week and know it off by heart. I could even ad-lib a bit, "your wallet can be found striped bare by latest money making scheme..."

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