Silver lining turns out to be ash, too - airlines cancel flights

Bitterwallet - British AirwaysYesterday there was plenty of optimism that the eruption of Grimsvotn in Iceland wouldn't cause flights to be cancelled. It was all going to be different, said the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Not a problem. No sir.

Twelve hours later, everything has gone Pete Tong. Airlines across Northern Europes are cancelling services, with the prospect of more cancellations on the way. British Airways and Ryanair have grounded flights due to arrive in Scotland tomorrow afternoon, while KLM has cancelled 16 flights to and from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Aer Lingus, easyJet and FLybe are also grounding flights.

Understandably, Ryanair isn't too happy about it all:

"Ryanair strongly object to this decision and believe that there is no basis for these flight cancellations and will be meeting with the IAA on Tuesday morning to have this restriction on Ryanair flights removed as a matter of urgency.

"Ryanair believe that there is no safety risk to aircraft on fights operating to and from Scotland and together with other airlines will be complaining to the Transport Minister and Regulatory Authorities about these latest and unnecessary cancellations."

Harumph. No doubt Ryanair are distraught that any compensation they have to fork out will cut into the profits they would have otherwise raked in from their recently introduced cancellation fee.

It's not just European flights that are likely to be affected; it's likely that transatlantic services will have to divert to avoid the ash cloud, causing further delays at airports.


  • zeddy
    Tetchy bastards those Icelanders aren't they? Ask for your money back from their banks and they set their pet volcanoes on us all.
  • Idi A.
    I sincerely hope that Ryanair will sue the mountain, and add a 10 euro Large Nordic Dusty Structure Inconvenience Surcharge onto every ticket. I'd pay it.
  • wtf
    wtf???? I find myself agreeing with Ryanair for once. Just let people fly and sign a disclaimer to say they understand the risks.... Job Done.
  • Phil
    Yes please let them fly. Then when one comes crashing out of the sky it might cause o'leary to shut up for once!
  • Sawyer
    @wtf: Seriously? How in any way are Ryanair passengers qualified to assess the risk posed by an ash cloud?
  • Steve
    @Sawyer Exactly. 95% of the UK population are as dumb as fuck and twice as ugly.
  • Michael
    @wtf - Just as long as the plane flies over your house then, mkay?
  • Dick
    Iceland. Volcanoes. Scotland. And no link to this?
  • John S.
    Why are Ryanair upset? Didn't they set aside the money from the cancellation charge just for this purpose? It wasn't them cynically using the volcano crisis last year to increase fares by the back door, it is a charge to cover costs of cancellations. Therefore they should have the money set aside, they won't loose anything, and they should stop complaining.

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