Silly French cut off nose to spite face over Ryanair flight

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryCommon sense will tell you, hopefully, that if an airport is shrouded in fog then a plane probably shouldn't try and land there. That the already small-but-present risk of certain death inherent to landing increases several hundred-fold by not being able to see the runway - you'd think people would be reasonable about that.

But not the French.

Over 100 passengers, mostly French, refused to depart a Ryanair flight that had been diverted to Belgium due to bad wearther. The flight from Morocco was due to land at Beauvais in northern France late on Tuesday night, when fog forced it and three other flights to land at the next closest available airport, Liege in Belgium.

Ryanair rolled out the coaches to transfer passengers back to Beauvais, and presumably most Ryanair passengers wouldn't have had an issue with their final destination being 200 miles from the airport. Despite this, the French dug their heels in and staged a sit-in protest on the plane for four hours. That'd show the fog. After the first hour, the captain and crew gave up, got off the plane and locked the doors.

Perhaps somebody amongst the French party eventually did a little basic mathematics and concluded by the time they eventually left the plane yesterday morning, they could have taken the coach and been home in Beauvais already. Zut alores!


  • Meaty B.
    What, the French protested!?!?! Not like them. Thick cunts.
  • Mik
    As I understood it, the passengers disagrement was that Ryanair were refusing to provide transport from the airport in Belgium back to the passangers intended destination. Given that, it seems a fair protest to me.
  • me
    why do people still fly ryan air?
  • Will G.
    The word French should be replaced with 'Stupid Cunts'
  • GB
    @ Will Glyn Does that mean I have a GSCE in 'Stupid Cunts'?
  • Meaty B.
    Why are people surprised by Ryanair antics? They are a cheap nasty bastards... hence why flights are cheap!! You get what you pay for... which is fine for me.
  • mariusz
    How interesting to see who is hated more. The French or Ryanair? Seems like a close contest to me.
  • Jonny S.
    Ryanair should be a French company!
  • Mark C.
    I always kind of assumed Ryanair flights to France landed in Belgium anyway.
  • Nobby
    BBC website says they were offered transport to Beauvais. No doubt the next flight had to be cancelled anyway, since the plane was not in Beauvais, so Ryanair wouldn't have lost anything because of the protest, and no doubt left them to stew in their own juices. Imagine the stink. It would be bad enough just considering they were French, but coming in from Morocco too. Stinky.
  • Mick L.
    Whats the problem they speak fucking french in Belgium too, the stupid feckin' cunts
  • Mick L.
    Lucky they didn't set the plane alight, thats what they normally do in a dispute, the fecking french arsonists
  • boris
    A 'dirty' protest was surely in order. Are you sure it was a sit-in?
  • steve
    As said above, the issue was that passengers were expected to pay in order to travel on the supplied coaches in order to get the the destination they had travelled to.
  • The c.
    That's a really bad spell of weather....
  • ihatethefrogs
    Am I the only person here that thinks the French are a bunch of cunts?
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