Silent Bob chucked off plane for massive fatness - Twitter erupts!


Now and again, the issue of fat people on aeroplanes rears its bulky head and we all make a few jokes about salad-dodgers. Whether it’s Ryanair’s (aborted) plans to levy a fat tax against chunky fliers or AirFrance-KLM’s decision to make airbound Billy Bunters pay for, and sit in, two seats instead of one, it’s all good for some light debate and a bit of a chortle.

But the debate just went nuclear – yes, you guessed it, a celebrity got involved. Kevin Smith, director of Clerks, Dogma and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back has been booted off a Southwest Airlines flight in the USA after the plane’s captain deemed him ‘a safety risk’ something which the not-all-that-fat-actually Smith denies being.

What Smith is though, is an active Twitter user, with 1.6 million followers on the internationally-recognised communication service. And once he’d informed his legions of fans about the incident, all online hell broke loose, culminating in a swift and full apology from SWA.

This didn’t please Smith either, calling SWA out for only apologising to him because he’s a celebrity and has a voice that is listened to. He tweeted…

"Fuck making it right for me just 'cause I have a platform. I sat next to a big girl who was chastised for not buying an extra ticket because "all passengers deserve their space.” Fucking flight wasn't even full! Fuck your size-ist policy. Rude..."

We get the feeling that the flying fatties debate is only going to escalate from hereon in. A bit like roly poly director Smith’s waist measurements…


  • Alex
    "not-all-that-fat-actually Smith" - The dude really is pretty huge, he's ballooned over the last few years: The internet has gone ape because the person in question is one of its pet directors, but if this was any other regular fatso they'd have no sympathy. I think Southwest were pretty valid in their actions - it seems pretty rich of him for complaining they made it right "because he had a platform" when his initial rage is because they treated him like a regular schmo. Anyone who's ever sat next to someone spilling into their seat on a trans-atlantic will have zero sympathy here for "size-ism"...
  • bob b.
    KEVIN SMITH all BW staff wish they were as funny as him FACT
  • DavtT
    Its time fat people got charged by the pound - they are an inconvenience and should be banned. There must be something like the device to measure bag size. I propose a gate that you have to squeeze through to get on the plane. Can't get through then stay at home. This means people like sports people are not penalised - fat people are disgusting and it a nightmare sitting next to one on a plane.
  • F. F.
  • Jack
    Good, he didn't look too big in the picture next to the post, but if you see a full body picture, you can see how he would inconvenience other passengers. Either airlines should cater for these people with say one or two fattie seats to a plane, which would carry a slightly higher ticket price, or they should follow AirFrance - pay a surcharge for an extra seat or get off the plane
  • wombat
    Way to go Kev! - stupid muppet airline; what morons to apologise just because he's a celeb - didn't they have the vaguest idea how KS would react to that? If their policy was valid they should stand by it - in this case a part-empty flight they had little justification for their actions. If size is an issue then they should have an up front charge like that French airline.
  • wombat
    @ Alex - Not too fat for an airline seat though. According to the BBC he was already seated with both arm rests down when asked to leave. He's challenged the airline to bring a set of airline seats on a chat show and he'll prove he can fit and do the seat-belt up or give $10k to charity...
  • peter J.
    Loose weight then you fat twat?! Why should everyone else on the plane have to put up with your blubber falling over their seat simple because you like a pie or 3.
  • Nobby
    > According to the BBC he was already seated with both arm rests down when asked to leave. The BBC copied that off his blog.
  • peter J.
    You cant trust a fat man, ask them their waist size and see if they tell you the truth!
  • sam J.
    "size-ist" - everyone hates fat people dont they?!
  • jay
    let the tubby coat wearing mutha fucka on the plane
  • wombat
    @Nobby - if he's lying the airline just has to call his bluff... @Peter Jones - aslo true of not so fat men and not just regarding waist sizes @Jay :lol:
  • Morris D.
    Yeah - snoochie boochies!!!
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  • Ten B.
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  • Pinky
    Put faties next to other faties
  • Warwick H.
    Its a joke, you get charged 12euro for every kilo over weight get these porkers get charged fuck all for taking up half your seat as well as their own, I know Iv'e just experienced it.

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