Shower in your hotel room? Big deal - can you wash your pants while you lie in bed?

9 April 2012

Over the past day or so on Reddit ('the front page of the internet') there's been a LOT of cooing over this picture of a hotel room with a shower in the middle of it.


Big deal - did no one see our in-depth 2009 report on a London hotel room with an entire KITCHEN in it? Well? EH???


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  • Wonky H.
    私は狐とセックスをした ! No..seriously, I've given all that up....can't help myself....must stop .......CHICKEN IN A CAN
  • Boris
    Where can I find page three of the Internet?
  • Zleet
    Been looking at hotels in New York and some, including the W Times square, have this weird opaque glass cubicle for an ensuite. It means if you share with anyone else they get to see a 'tales of the unexpected' smokey silhouette of you taking a dump.
  • zeddy
    If you mean washing as in soaking in urine, well....yes. I can also "tumble dry" by farting at regular intervals.
  • captain c.
    1996, in Orlando, I had a bedroom with a Jacuzzi taking pride of place; and close enough to the bed that when my young son filled it with bubblebath foam, the foam spilled over onto the bedding.
  • Bazinga
    I once stayed in a Premier Inn and it had purple everywhere.
  • Mary H.
    It means you can watch TV whilst having a wan... shower.
  • LoveIt
    Does anyone know where that hotel is? It's really rather sexy.
  • Mike H.
    Captain cretin, is that what you told the police?
  • captain c.
    It never happened, I wasnt there and besides, I was on holiday at the time, errr......... Actually, thank you for the compliment, the foam stains covered a huge area of the bedding AND the floor, if I could REALLY produce enough baby soup to make a stain that large, I would be a millionaire, living off of my earnings as a sperm donor and/or "money shot" stunt double.
  • iPhone c.
    "And the 'pork-pie' flavoured condoms were bloon animals were they Mr. Cretin? Right, you're free to go then."
  • captain c.
    I dont do Pork Pie flavoured, the Muslim and Jewish girls dont like them. (With a meat flavoured condom, how do you know if it is "Halal" ??)

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