Should rail companies be fined for being a minute late?

Rail fines for minute late?

Late trains are a pain for everyone, and sometimes, it feels like there isn't enough being done to stop this.

Well, it could be all change, as train companies are looking at penalties for services that are just one minute. This idea is being thrown around in a bid to try and stop frequent delays across the UK's rail network.

Executives from the Rail Delivery Group - they represent the companies and Network Rail - are looking at scrapping rules which allow trains to be classed as 'on time', if they're up to 10 minutes late.

89% of UK trains are 'on time' as they arrive at a station five minutes late, however, Virgin Trains have bucked the trend by revising the way they do things, and they say a train is on time if it gets to a destination within 59 seconds of the scheduled arrival slot.

So, if the new system is brought in, all trains will follow Virgin's led, which means that at the moment, with this new time window, only 64% of trains would actually be on time.

New rules would force train bosses to buck their ideas up.

Not only are companies looking at fines, but those performing badly will be named in official figures.

This isn't just pie-in-the-sky ideas - it seems like these new proposals will be very much a thing within the next three years. It is hoped that these will help restore some faith in the public.

The new rules are likely to be written into future franchise deals between the government and rail companies, and will be agreed with the Department for Transport and the Office of Road and Rail later this year.

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