Shhh - easyJet route disappears, but don't tell the customers

Bitterwallet - easyJetAvid Bitterwallet reader Steve emailed us recently to ask what was happening with easyJet's route between Newcastle and Murcia. easyJet announced they were suspending the route for winter in August last year, and although they were also reducing the number of planes based at the city's airport, the routes could still be operated by planes from other bases.

Although summer flights hadn't been announced, the Newcastle to Murcia route was still visible on the easyJet website until yesterday. Steve now tells us the route has now disappeared; it's no longer an option in the drop down menus.

Now, airlines change routes all the time - there's nothing unusual about what easyJet have done. But we'd been quizzing easyJet about the route on Steve's behalf (we occasionally do some work when there's no gin left to drink) and nobody wanted to talk about the route.

A fortnight ago we contacted easyJet customer services to ask when details of the route would be released. When we didn't receive a reply, we contacted our media contact at easyJet. We didn't receive a reply from him, either. Then just yesterday, we received a response from customer services:

"The exact date is dependent on confirmation of flight slots from the relevant air traffic control authorities. The next summer schedule for flights from April to October, is currently being released in batches. I am sorry I can not give you a precise date for the flights you require from Newcastle to Murcia."

So yesterday, easyJet were suggesting that seats would be released at some point. Today, the route is gone from the website and there's no word from easyJet about it - to us, to customers or the media.

It could be that the route hasn't been scrapped and the seats will be released at a later date, but we can't tell because easyJet doesn't want to talk tabout it - which is unusual, because when they have a press release they can't wait to get in touch. It's also possible other routes have disappeared, in which case let us know in the comments and we'll let consumers know, since easyJet seemingly can't bring themselves to talk about it.


  • nibbles
    Bollocks.... Newcastle to Rome has gone from the website too!!! At least Jet2 fly to Murcia from the toon, but there's no other way to fly direct to Rome. Makes RyanAir look like customer-focused.
  • Peter
    Its grim up north...move!
  • Alexis
    You need to ask Omar.
  • andy y.
    On my visit to ALDI today I found they have no clementines.I contacted their PR dept who said they could not confirm or otherwise if any when they may again be stocking them in my branch. I demand redress by the slaughter of the first borns
  • Big G.
    It's OK neither Geordies or Makems will need to venture into europe anytime soon...
  • Andrew M.
    The Newcastle to Mercia route is not be part of our Summer schedule. As for winter, our schedule of routes are yet to be finalised. Best wishes as ever, Andrew McConell Corporate Affairs Manager - easyJet
  • Nick T.
    Newcastle to Mercia? What, as in the big Saxon fiefdom between Wales and the Fens? Offa with his head!
  • Ten B.
    [...] – easyJet route disappears, but don’t tell the [...]
  • Norris M.
    Andrew, I love you and want your babies. As ever. If only you could spell your surname.

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