September Tube strikes called off

london underground tube The RMT union has suspended the strikes they were due to hold next week on the 8th and 10th of September. This is thanks to the postponing of the Night Tube. This is good news for those wanting to travel to the England qualifier.

They said: "As the implementation of night Tube has been suspended until we reach agreement and we are continuing discussions and negotiations on all related matters, RMT has suspended the strike action called for September 8 and 10."

"However we remain in dispute and all industrial action called to not co-operate with Night Tube at local level including modelling and trials remains in place."

"If further negotiations prove negative then further industrial action will be called in defence of our agreements and for proper pay for our members."

It seems like some small progress is being made, as a couple of strikes in August were also called off by the unions.

This is great news for people visiting and living in London, as the situation in the city was pretty chaotic when unions held two 24-hour strikes in July, which saw the Tube closing completely.

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