Scotrail ticket skirmish - too much or not enough?

It’s time for us to sort society out once and for all. Here’s some amateur footage of a recent incident on a Scotrail train – a ticketless young man becomes embroiled in a stand-off with the ticket inspector, and seems intent on standing his ground until a fellow passenger takes action. Witness…

What are we to make of THAT then? Should such force have been used against the hapless youngster? Perhaps the ‘big man’ should have kept out of it and let the inspector do his job properly? Or should more of us ‘step up to the plate’ and dole out some instant justice to anti-social, fare-dodging little bell-ends? What do you reckon Bitterwalleteers?


  • StuPid
    Too many attempt to travel without a ticket, which when everyone else is paying extortionate rates, is incredibly annoying. Always nice to see little toerags (and it does mainly seem to be males under 25) get their comeuppance! Even funnier to see them get a slap!
  • BillyBhoy68
    The Inspector was a Dick, the Big Man a twat. He wouldn't have tried it on if the fella was bigger than him. Shame we never got the neds story, but at least the assault has been captured on record. As for fare dodging aligned to higher train fares. If you really believe that, then StuPid is an apt name for you.
  • Alexis
    BillyBhoy - you underestimate the size of the BIG MAN'S cajones. Len Dastard would have been proud.
  • IceFreak2000
    From what the video shows (and we can't see the events leading up to the event) of the attitude of the kid to the inspector it's fair to say that he brought the situation on himself; if he'd showed the slightest bit of respect to the inspector then the outcome is likely to have been very different.
  • Dick
    Inspectors should be issued with tazers. The police should have been called and the kid jailed for a week without trial. The big man should get a slab of tablet from Alex Salmond.
  • Sicknote
    Very surprised the inspector even attempted to remove the passenger; they will normally issue the fine or at the extreme call the police. I hope the ejected lad watches this Youtube video and reports the big man to the rozzers for assault - maybe he'll get a few years free railway travel from that deal.
  • Rich
    Did anyone else notice that the big man sat in the ejected guys seat? It was obviously all a ruse in order to get himself a better seat.
  • catweazle
    Surpried England isn't subsidising free rail travel north of the border.
  • ex-BTP
    Suprised so many voted 'call police is needed', has anyone ever called British Transport Police? There's a reason why the BTP are known as Be There Presently... (But they are good when they turn up! Or I was anyway)
  • klingelton
    the big guy should have administered more smack down on that kid. damn dirty little scrote got what he deserved.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    A couple of things to bear in mind: 1. This train may be from Edinburgh - Perth but you'll see they are actually stopped at Linlithgow. This station is also on the main Edinburgh - Glasgow route and if they're stuck there waiting for BTP it would cause all kinds of havoc and disruption beyond these folk on the train. 2. Scotrail don't operate penalty fares. If the passenger boards at a station with ticket purchasing facilities that accept his method of payment then he is only entitled to buy an undiscounted single/return ticket. The passenger would have been able to pay £5.10 for an Edinburgh Park - Polmont single but has clearly refused to do so.
  • SgtMunky
    I'm when I was 18 (only a year ago before you lot start on me :p ) I struggled to pay the stupid expensive fares. But it annoyed me seeing other people slightly older than me get on the trains with no tickets Big man did a good-un. Should have just knocked him cold and then removed him from the train more elegantly
  • Me
    Meh, bit harsh - he had a single, if the ticket guy had been alright/the chav was capable of being polite they could have settled with the chav just paying the difference between a single and return and that would have been that. Much better than the chav scum you get on the trains between Brighton and Worthing who buy no ticket (or a kids ticket when they are at least 3o just to get through the barriers), play bassy music through their phones which are not capable of producing bass and generally arse around. Now THEY deserve the above.
  • Jimmy
    Just one of the millions of British ferral yobs with no conscience, no brain, and no self-respect- a parasitical leech on society. It amazes me how they lie even when the truth is shoved in their face! Their brains are so warped by drugs and alcohol that they cannot reason. Force is the ONLY language they can understand, words are useless as the video shows. More powers should be given to the train inspectors (and all officials including teachers), to forcefully remove these wasters.
  • Steve
    Shame he didn't batter the little scrote senseless too...
  • midnighter
    BTP would have been unavailable, the train would have stood, then there would have been thousands of minutes delay, the delay would have then went down to the train company and they would have to pay bills for all the trains delayed because of that..person..or bawbag as he is referred to. (yes, the national railway system is a mess!) What happened was that people were stuck on a train who wanted to get home but because of a little shit they were not able to. I think under the same circumstances I would have done the same. I have known guards who when told by little arses saying they are not going to pay say to them..."see that big group of lads that are looking forward to night out drinking..well, at the next station im gonna stop for however long it takes and when they ask why we have stopped, I will tell them you wont do you want to pay or do I tell the big group of lads you wont pay and go and sit in the back for a few minutes while they talk to you?"...amazingly they suddenly find their money.
  • Cam
    Happened to me last week. Guard noted down the lad's details from drivers license, and told him crosscountry would be writing to him. No hassle or delays, everybody's happy. Now if any of those 3 people had gotten injured, then there would be long delays, aside from the passengers having to witness a fight. Stupid.
  • Chewbacca
    Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all too often. Neds think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. The sad truth is, they usually do. Good on the "big man" for doing what most others wouldn't, the problem is that the fare dodger could very well take the big man to court for assault and would probably win. Why couldn't the guard have done this? Instant dismissal. Although railway officials have the authority under the railway byelaws to use minimum force in these scenarios, Scotrail don't have the balls to back their staff up. Thus fare dodging toerags get away with shit like this day in, day out and we, the taxpayer, subsidise them.
  • Harry h.
    Whatever the build up to this as the boy remained peaceful and posed no danger to anyone he should have been left alone. I'm sure the world would be a better place if we had more cheeky wee boys and less agressive Charles bronson types. I'd be surprised if our hero hadn't been under the influence of alcohol. The truth is that none of us are in posession of all the facts but the children on board were no doubt frightened by the whole incident. I don't think the rail co. Would have been forced under had the inspector just left it and waited for the transport police at Perth to deal with it, if cheeky chops was still on board. There is a time and a place for taking action, I don't think this qualifies.
  • Chewbacca
    @Harry hamlin It's because of liberal tossers like you that this world is as fucked up as it is. If nothing had been done, the "children" witnessing the incident would simply have seen that people who have no respect for authority or the rules of society have nothing to fear and can do what they want. The wee fucker would have got off at Polmont (incidentally, Polmont is the home of a young offenders hotel, sorry, "institution") and when the train was met at Perth keystone cops, he'd have been long gone and off scot free. As for taking action? The fare dodging wee fuck should be tracked down and chemically castrated. No need for scum like this to have any influence on the gene pool.
  • Gav
    @Chewbacca Well said that man. Harry is probably one of those Guardian reading, iPhone sporting, liberalist tossers who are responsible for murderers getting 5 years in a cushy hotel whilst the rest of us struggle to survive.
  • Big S.
    As Mr Man's solicitor, I can release the following statement. It would appear from the video evidence that Mr Scrote refused to pay for a ticket and thus was committing an offence. Therefore in these circumstances Mr Man does have a case for using reasonable force to remove Mr Scrote from the train. If this case is heard at a Magistrate's court, the area of contention in my opinion would be the level of force used. If common sense prevails my client Mr Man will not be found not guilty, if however the judge is of the same genre of people as Mr Harry Hamlin then he will most likely receive a 25 year life sentence at a maximum security prison, he will then be tagged for 100 years and will be buried in an unmarked grave. Meanwhile his family will be referred to social services. His wife may end up in a psychiatric hospital and his two children referred to a special needs school. Please note, Mr Man may have to sell his home and assets to finance the cost of this social care and also the £514,326.14 compensation Mr Scrote will claim for the "Undue stress and harrassment and pyschological trauma" the incident caused. Please note, the sum does not include the "costs" that Mr Scrote incurred. PS: My colleague who operates under a different solicitor firm that is owned by the same person who own's the firm I work for will be representing Mr Scrote.
  • Mike H.
    Unfortunately, the 'Big Man' will probably be the one worse off, an easy target, probably chrged for assault because some bell-end didn't fuzz out 'the big mans' face when videoing it! This is the reason why people don't stand up to chavs as they are an easy target for the police.
  • LD
    Your sacked. No Magistrate’s Courts in Scotland.
  • Noghar
    Interestingly the Guardian's comments pages are saying what most people here are saying - ie the scrote deserved it - so even us wet liberals can show common sense at times. (This even after the Guardian cut the first minute out of the video so you can't see how offensive and obnoxious and obstructive the kid was being.) I'm sure more than a few of the people posting here have tried winging it when they were short of money for a fare, but when you're caught you shrug and get off the train, you don't sit there swearing your head off, telling pathetic lies and holding everyone else up.
  • sMac
    According to the BBC, the hero is actually an investment banker. This story just keeps on getting more interesting...
  • Jeebus
    Harry Hamlin you must have had one helluva childhood growing up to think that children would have been affected by that. I think most kids have witnessed playground beatings by the age of 5/6 nevermind someone being pushed off a train. The aevrage soap episode contains more violence. Really shocked about the response to be honest, seen people battered here in Liverpool for less (for trying to cut the queue in the post office) and it kind of reminds me when I lived in Korea - school kid sitting on the back seat gives the driver behind the middle finger (not realising the bus was about to stop) the bus stops, the driver swerves in front, gets on the bus and proceeds to slap the kid silly(no-one intervenes). Man gets off the bus, kid goes to the bus driver mumbles about the police, bus driver slaps kid and throws him off - hence there being very little crime in Korea at all.
  • Sicknote
    Investment wanker tosses youth off
  • Businessman
    Jeebus jeebus not wanting to sound like a wet lettuce about this but do we really want a society where it's fine to bash people up at will because "he looked at me funny" and everyone's supposed to be OK with that? I think not, I mean not really eh?
  • Jeeb's B.
    @Jeebus If beating up children isn't criminal then perhaps 'Korea' (or your little pretend place, whatever you would prefer to call it) has very little reported crime due to there being no actual laws.
  • Jeebus
    You must never read newspapers or watch the news. Plenty of people are battered and worse everyday for similar or less in Blighty anyway. Giving someone you don't know the finger is hardly looking at them funny. I suggest you come up to Liverpool - walk in to a bar, give someone the finger and see what happens. Then after the inveitable beating try go and complaining to Merseyside's finest. Here's what happened to a stab victim: Not sure why there's such a kerfuffle about some twat getting physically thrown off a train for not only being rude to the inspector but also not having a ticket and holding the paying passengers up. And as for children getting the odd slap, infinitely preferable to those 'children' running riot, burning houses and looting carphone warehouses across Blighty in the summer - all whilst claiming some kind of moral high ground. A couple of slaps is a small price to pay for not having to have contents insurance or constantly watch your belongings in public, etc.
  • SpunkyPigeon
    The big man should have been ejected after, simply for being a banker and therefore Satans spawn @catweazle What does your comment have to do with this conversation in any way whatsoever?

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