Save £££s when booking with Easyjet - 2.95 £££s to precise

Bitterwallet - easyJet Worryingly-named Bitterwallet reader ‘Bedlam’ has written to us with this little nugget of joy…

"Easyjet charge you £2.95 when you pay with a debit card, but there is a loophole.

Choose Visa Electron (which has no charge for use) from the drop-down menu,then input your Visa Debit Card details.

The Easyjet system can't tell the difference between a Debit and an Electroncard number, so you don't get charged the £2.95."

Sounds ace. Anyone else tried it? Can you vouch for it or is Bedlam blowing smoke up the ass of the Bitterwallet community? Maybe it’s common knowledge already – if it is, we don’t care actually because if it helps just ONE person out there to save £2.95 then we’ve done our job.

God, you’re all so critical…


  • Emma
    From the old HUKD thread, it seems quite a few people have been successful
  • Anonymous
    They'll fix this as soon as they realise it's happening - it's easy to determine the difference between Electron and Debit if you can be arsed programming the routine into the payment processor.
    • Andy D.
      Looks like it's been going on for over a year though! Sssshhh - quiet everyone!
  • CompactDstrxion
    I have an old Halifax cardcash account with an Electron I use literally only for flights. They've obviously just picked the type of card the least people have, it's nothing to do with how much it actually costs them. Anything to advertise a lower price than they actually take.
  • Marcus S.
    Most online stores don't even accept electron, which is why at lots of them you have to do the opposite, and choose visa debit if you have an electron card. according to wikipedia: "As the card carries a low interchange fee, airlines and other businesses which surcharge credit and debit card payments do not usually surcharge Visa Electron payments. Ryanair has become famous for this, with customers of the airline signing up to one of the few accounts which still offers a Visa Electron-branded card in order to save money."
  • jen
    Saved just over £4 by trying this out on Travelocity! Woohoo! I guess it must be a pain to integrate a check on this for some reason…

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