Sat navs send homeowner round the bend

TomTom A lady in Somerset has pleaded with drivers to ditch their sat navs.

This isn't as some kind of 'be free of technology! Throw off your mental chains!' type nonsense, she's just a bit pissed off with lorries driving into her cottage.

Caroline Cockman, reckons lorries have caused £50,000 of damage to her home in Coxley, Somerset, due to believing everything that the sat nav tells them.

Cockman has lost count of the amount of vehicles that have got stuck up her lane.

It's an ongoing hassle for the poor woman, claiming that just this week, there's been three large vehicles trapped in her narrow strip of road.

"Their sat navs direct them down the lane and they ignore the evidence of their own eyes that it’s too narrow and just carry on until they get stuck."

"The worst incident happened a couple of years ago when a big lorry blew out my back wall - it cost £33,000 in repairs. There have been many other incidents - I can’t remember them all. It must be well over £50,000 of damage in total."

Understandably Cockman is now pleading with council officials to make signs at the top of the lane more obvious.

"The trouble is some drivers still use domestic sat navs instead of commercial ones. I’m told the commercial ones do carry warnings about the lane’s width but the domestic ones don’t."

"Last Monday we had a big sewage tanker, with an escort to make sure it travelled safely, and it took him half-an-hour to reverse out. Then on Wednesday night someone collided with our low wall which stops vehicles coming off the lane and into our courtyard."

"Another guy was trapped for six hours. If only truck drivers used their common sense as the lane got narrower and narrower."

Perhaps we do need those new robot lorries after all?


  • Fucker
    I wouldn't want to blow out her back wall.
  • GodisIntheDetails
    New, bigger signs wont work, there is a similar problem local to me, with BIG signs erected several years ago; it isnt even a tarmac'ed surface - a dirt track leading to an abandoned quarry full of water!!! Yet still drivers believe their prat nav when it tells them it is the main road to Hereford. Recovering Coaches and HGVs is still the main source of income for our local "Heavy Rescue" break down services.
  • Johnny W.
    Cock-man, " three large vehicles trapped in her narrow strip of road", "got stuck up her lane", "blew out my back wall" "Another guy was trapped for six hours", I think we should all stay clear of Cockman, or best yet, maybe she shouldnt leave her lane so open to abuse all the time XD
  • So r.
    It's euphemism city!!

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