Santa doles out tablets on a plane

Santa has to do some work for big companies now, as a lot of people are downloading their presents in 2014. Father Christmas has to do promotional work while little Jessica downloads Call of Duty from the PlayStation Network. It's rather sad to see Ol' Saint Nick pimping himself out this way.

His latest bit of payola was on the flight from London to Boston where he gave out Windows tablets to travellers on behalf of Microsoft.

On the 787 Dreamliner, passengers were encouraged to use the plane's wifi to log-on to interactive Norad Track Santa platform. While the aircraft flew over Greenland, Santa got on the radio and asked the pilots for permission to land while glass panels showed Father Christmas alighting on the plane with his sleigh.

There's a video.

Santa waddled down the aisle, taking photos and chatting to passengers.

Not only that, 787 cabin indulged passengers in a multi-sensory event, starring the smells and sounds of Christmas. Presumably, the smell of cloves, nutmeg and grandma farting out sprouts while tutting at the TV.

Fred Warren, creative director at Microsoft Connected Digital Services, said: "The chance to create the first 4D experience in-flight for passengers where technology was the enabler of bringing Christmas to life was a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft. Co-creating this concept with Virgin Atlantic has been unique as we adapted the technology to deliver a true Virgin Atlantic brand experience."

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