Samsonite issue app to keep track of your luggage

suitcases Samsonite - possibly the most famous name in luggage and travelling bags - have teamed-up with Google to give everyone suitcases you can track.

This new Track&Go system is going to utilise a smartphone app and bluetooth technology, so you can know the location of your suitcase within a radius of 70 metres. Now, if an airline loses your luggage, it won't be too much use to you, but if you're incredibly forgetful and forget where your bag is while you're looking at the Toblerones in duty-free, it might be just the thing.

You'll also be able to use it if anyone tries to steal your luggage, and indeed, you'll be able to identify your case as it'll be uniquely identifiable.

This tracking app will be paired up with the Travelr App by Samsonite, so that, once you've registered your luggage in the app, you'll be able to work out if your luggage is moving further away from you. If it goes missing, you can mark the suitcase as lost and the application will be able to pass the information on to Samsonite's app network, securely and privately. That means, if someone else with the app is near your luggage, they'll be notified, and hopefully, be able to help.

Samsonite won't to collaborate with airports and baggage handling services, in a bid to stop baggage getting lost while people are travelling and going on holiday.

It is thought that this technology will be on the market toward the end of 2016.

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