Ryanair steward steals camera and tries to sell it on eBay... however...

A steward for Ryanair found a passenger’s camera on a flight. Now, you'd think they'd hand it in to lost property and that would be the end of it, right?

Well, this particular steward thought he'd have it for himself and flog it on eBay. Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu didn't realise these things can be tracked and on the auction, he found he'd got a message from the owner.

The camera owner, a teacher called Aaron Galloway, was going on a break when he forgot his camera on the seat of the plane. He told the crew about it and they said they saw no sign of the £499 Nikon camera.

Galloway got home, looked on eBay and BAM, there it was. And so, he sent the vendor a message.


Viseu replied, saying how dreadfully sorry he was and that the camera would be returned at the airport.


How did it end?

Well, Viseu was promptly arrested and ordered to pay compensation of £145 and carry out 100 hours of community service. Oh, and now he's on the internet known as a snide.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We arrested a 34-year-old man from the Stansted area on Friday February 20 on suspicion of theft. He was taken to Stansted area police station where he was interviewed and subsequently charged with theft of a camera and a Kindle."

What do Ryanair think of it all? They said: "While we don’t comment on legal matters, we can confirm that this individual no longer works for Ryanair."


  • Han S.
    Surely if he actually worked for Ryanair he should have offerred to drop if off 30 miles away but still claim it was Stanstead?
  • Woovil
    So the main conclusion is, Aaron Galloway is a lying jerkbag whose word can't be trusted?
  • Jessie J.
    Should have sold it on Gumtree.
  • Mr C.
    @woovil - lying to the guy who stole from him in order to get his camera back makes him a jerkbag who can't be trusted?
  • Scrotal H.
    So the main conclusion is, Aaron Galloway doesn't back up his photos.
  • Father J.
    "So the main conclusion is, Aaron Galloway is a lying jerkbag whose word can’t be trusted?" You, Sir, are a cabbage. That is all.
  • JonB
    @Woovil: Yes, and he is a teacher who has difficulty differentiating between "it's" and "its", and uses commas as full stops. No wonder our education system is going downhill.

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