Ryanair's semi-useful SMS service, if you pay of course

It wouldn't be Bitterwallet if a week went by where we didn't piss and whinge about Ryanair.  But this is Bitterwallet, and that's what we do - if it wasn't for Sky Captain O'Leary and Apple, these pages would be bare, as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard the day before the big shop.

"Turn them on, quickly!"

Ryanair has announced a new service to text booking confirmation details directly to passengers' mobile phone at the time of purchasing the flights. The Sky Captain's deputy Lieutenant Stephen "hot lips" McNamara trumpeted said: "This service will make travelling with Ryanair even easier as passengers will no longer have to print our their confirmation email, but simply refer to their mobile phone for their flight details."

Brilliant! Way to go, Ryanair! Good on you for making flying with you such a doddle. Surely you must want something in return? You do? Ah. Yes, if you choose to have confirmation details sent by text, it'll cost you £1 on top of the cost of a text. With next to no effort, Ryanair have created yet another revenue stream.

We're not knocking it entirely - it's a tiny amount of money that plenty of customers will go for, and it's potentially a useful service - but Ryanair can't guarantee the text will reach you, as noted in their terms and conditions. Don't receive the text? Can you be arsed to complain over a quid, or will you just mutter and print the confirmation email? Good luck with customer services if you want your money back. And sending the text when the flights are booked; what about sending it the day before people are due to fly?


  • Lumoruk
    love it, it's not like most phones don't have cameras on to take a screen shot of their monitor :)
  • Chris
    I wonder how this would work. If its just an exact copy of the confirmation you get on the pc then you could just take a picture of the screen or even print screen and copy it to your phone. This option would be at no extra charge:) LOL at the caption under the picture:D
  • the2ocan
    I just access the my confirmation via email on my phone like most people can do!?
  • Carl
    As said above, why bother? When I've had the misfortune to use Ryanair I've never even been asked for my confirmation number, they just check my passport and bring my details up on-screen. I'm sure that will change now online check in is the norm (not flown recently) but how hard is it to write the details using a paper and pen?
  • Geoff J.
    I hope RyanAir go bankrupt. Bunch of cowboys
  • pauski
    It is clever - O'Leary, reads BW - first step, stop Fat Fingered... who cannot use a mobile phone! Spencer -any arguement there?
  • Damian
    This is as useful as a fridge at the north pole. You don't even need to print the confirmation anyway - because this is not your boarding card. You still need to check in... online. So why not just leave the confirmation email in your inbox, that same inbox that will be to hand when you check in? And think how many people are going to mistakenly believe this code is some sort of e-ticket, thus turning up at the airport and being made to pay their new 40 quid airport check-in fee (sorry, it's called a "boarding card reprint fee" now). Now THAT'S why Ryanair have brought in this fee.
  • Francis R.
    Actually Damian, Fridges at the North Pole are extremely useful, they keep food at a constant temperature as opposed to fluctuating between "shit, it's cold innit?" and "fuck me, my fingers have gone black!", cold, making the frozen seal and putrified whale blubber, last just that little bit longer, oh and Ryanair are utter C*UNTS!
  • Rich
    I know we love to moan about Ryanair, me too their practices are a bit sharp, BUT, look at the cost of getting from A to B with them compared to 5 years ago. Play the game folks but keep the flights cheap!

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