Ryanair's saucy ads result in an ASA spanking

thumb513-Ornella-Matrisciano-Ryanair In a turn of events that is about as surprising as Ryanair getting into trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority, Ryanair have got themselves in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority.

It’s all to do with the recent questionable ads that the hilarious airline ran featuring scantily-clad stewardesses and the line: ‘Red hot fares and crew’. The snaps were taken from Ryanair’s charity calendar, in which assorted ‘trolley dollies’ whipped off their kits in the name of a good cause.

One picture, which showed a model, Ornella February, pulling down the top of her underwear with her thumb (pictured) was deemed to be ‘sexually suggestive’ by the ASA. In case you’re struggling to keep up, that’s a BAD thing, yeah?

The ASA’s ruling said: "We also considered that most readers would interpret these images, in conjunction with the text 'Red hot fares & crew!!!' and the names of the women, as linking female cabin crew with sexually suggestive behaviour."

"Although we acknowledged that the women in the ads had consented to appear in the calendar, we considered that the ads were likely to cause widespread offence, when displayed in a national newspaper."

Ryanair have been as contrite as ever, with chief honkifier Stephen McNamara braying: “The PC quacks at the ASA received just 17 complaints about ads for the 2012 Ryanair calendar. Every year 10,000 people buy a copy of our calendar to help raise €100,000 for charity, and for this reason Ryanair will continue to advertise them.”

Let’s face it – the world would be a duller place without them.


  • daniel
    Poor effort from the ASA... What's wrong with that as an advert? The real problem here is that I've never seen any air hostess on a Ryan Air flight that looks remotely like that...
  • Dick
    I have seen many hostesses that look like that on Ryanair flights. But then to avoid their alcohol costs, I am usually so drunk before I get on the plane that I can just about walk.
  • Cheesey
    The problem with Ryanair hostesses is that whilst they might look like eye candy, underneath, there will be a callous heart of stone... "Sit the fuck down NOW! And fasten your seatbelt you prick!"
  • zeddy
    @Cheesey: Mmmmm, I might just "employ" one of these hostesses you speak of if she promises to be strict.
  • Dick
    She might even make you buy Ryanair lottery tickets too.
  • IanH
    If you asked them for some kind of sexual favour they might charge you an extra fiver knowing Ryanair

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