Ryanair's O'Leary admits "spend a penny" story was a stunt

There's no way we can talk about wind-up merchant Michael O’Leary without providing him with more of the publicity he no doubt prints off and rolls around naked in each evening. So we're not going to bother mentioning that the grinning loon has revealed his comments concerning fitting coin-operated slots to toilets on board Ryanair flights to be a PR stunt. Oh. Balls.

Instead at a conference last night, the chief executive proposed a new flight tax to be based on a percentage of the ticket price, thereby meaning substantial fare increases on all flights that weren't low cost, as an alternative to the €10 departure tax which will be introduced on April 1st. But he was probably making that up as well. Who knows? Like a filthy man-whore, he'll apparently do anything to get some business.

Next week, O'Leary casually lets slip that he's considering a limb tax on able-bodied individuals taking up too much space on flights, and that children will be considered as hand luggage.


  • Joff
    I suppose at some point he'll announce that Ryanair are going to put their customers first, then do a complete U-turn and dance a funny jig. Ass.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    I dislike swearing for the sake of it.... Michael O’Leary = absolute bell end c*nt Whoops
  • Graham
    he realised the idea was a mistake and then called it a PR stunt perhaps?
  • Liam
    There should be a tag for "cunts".
  • Andy
  • James R.
    Fantastic way to run a business
  • northy
    I, for one, welcome our new Irish overlords
  • New B.
    The Oirish are comin'!
  • Bullet
    Feck away off, just shooting themselves in the foot, wish all airlines were more clearer in there ticket prices. If they advertise there tickets at £10 one way then that is what I expect to pay, but nooooo, by the time you add luggage charges,fuel tax,booking online or checking in charges, your price has tripled. Sort it out, EH!
  • Honky S.
    I will those 1p flights to Euronowhere in particular....
  • Honky S.
    Miss (dumbphuck)
  • Martin
    > I will those 1p flights to Euronowhere in particular…. When you land you realise you are 68 miles from Euronowhere in particular
  • Grant
  • -=Mike H.
    What a cupid stunt this bloke is!
  • Dave T.
    O'Leary is the master - you suckers
  • ladylovesit
    Did you know that IRISH AIR NASTY is an anogram of RYANAIR IS SHIT ? (just sayin')
  • Boon
    Why is there so much hatred towards Ryanair? Granted, there are all these sneaky little extra costs and you have to pay for every convenience. But it is also allowing loads of people who otherwise could not fly the opportunity to get from point A to B. As a student I have been on several of their 1p flights where I have literally paid just 1p for the flight. I carried my luggage on board, didn't buy any food, went for online check-in, etc etc... it allowed me to travel to places that I could only dream of because of my tight finances.
  • jon w.
    Boon, you will in time have a different outlook. I have never flown Ryanair just because I hate this O'Leary guy.
  • Jeffrey
    "Ryanair - For those people who have no self respect (or money)"
  • northy
    "Premium Airlines - For those people who need to spend money to feel alive"
  • aphexbr
    @Boon: Fair enough the 1p flights can be great if you can get away without incurring extra charges, but logic must tell you that they're making money in other areas, right? If it were 1p for every flight, they couldn't afford to operate... Once you've factored in the taxes, charges, luggage fees, charges for daring to try and take luggage with you (not everyone goes away for a weekend break or can backpack), Ryanair are rarely much cheaper than the competition for normal flights. Not to mention that if you're getting one of those flights that lands 50 miles away from your actual destination, transfer travel costs usually eat up whatever saving you thought you'd made. At least on the Spanish routes I usually take, EasyJet and Monarch often end up cheaper, and you get more legroom, better seats, often cheaper food and drink, and you actually get to land at an airport in the city you're expecting to travel to. If you've not got much choice of airline on your route, RyanAir can be tolerable but if you use a site like SkyScanner to double-check prices before booking they're rarely cheap enough to warrant the extra hassle unless you do only pay 1p.
  • Scrapping B.
    [...] admitted themselves, they’re keen to whip up any publicity they can for the company, no matter how appalling it is. After all, if we’re all wanting to punch Michael O’Leary in the face, then we’re [...]
  • Bert
    I think he's fantastic at his job!! He doesn't care what people think of him and that is the way it should be. If he would go into politics I would certainly vote for him !!!
  • Daniel
    I read an very good article about O'Leary and its Pr strategy, some of you should like to read it! http://wp.me/pyUik-9m

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