Ryanair's Michael O'Leary is predictably calm about not getting his way with Aer Lingus takeover

Bitterwallet - Michael O'Leary. Mad. Ryanair chief executive and general gobshite Michael O’Leary is furious as he was ordered to cease in his attempts to take over Aer Lingus.

The Competition Commission today said Ryanair must slash their stake in Aer Lingus from 29.8% to just 5% because it meant less competition on flights between Britain and Ireland, which saw the budget airline saying that it will appeal against "this bizarre and manifestly unsound ruling".

O’Leary kicked his mouth in gear and went after the inquiry’s chairman Simon Polito and member Roger Davis: "Polito's and Davis' ignoring of evidence, their conduct of a manifestly unfair investigation, their omission of all the substantial body of evidence that conclusively disproves their case, and their rejection of Ryanair's unprecedented undertakings (which patently address their three invented future concerns), all in a misguided pursuit of their predetermined conclusion, demonstrate that this process was not a competition investigation but merely a corrupt and politically biased charade."

He wasn't done, adding that the inquiry was "yet another enormous waste of UK taxpayer resources from a body which took no action whatsoever when the two main UK airlines (BA and bmi) merged. It would appear to be a case of one rule for the UK airlines but an invented set of rules for two Irish airlines".

The presumably beleaguered Aer Lingus chairman, Colm Barrington, said: "The Commission should be commended on its thorough investigation and we look forward to the implementation of its findings."


  • badger
    So he's a twat. What's the news?
  • Harvey K.
    The news is that Ryanair will flog their shares pending appeal, then drag the ruling through the courts until Aer Lingus goes bust (as they were doing before Ryanair stepped in), then pick up the entire fleet off the administrators. Result = 100% ownership at a fire sale price.
  • So T.
    You could say cunning Lingus but they had limited input it would seem. I wonder if they sell Tennant's on board? Don't be fucking stupid, only complete and utter morons spell it that way, the same sort of people that do ...this...instead...of...using...paragraphs. Fucking cretins.
  • SISU O.
    More shite comes out of his mouth than out of his arse. Sounds a bit like our Tim Fisher then.
  • shiftynifty
    Posted by So retarded I can't spell Tennant's...check SISU Out`s post ..but in your case Sounds a bit like a twat

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