Ryanair's lack of online security is your fault, somehow

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryWhen it comes to your personal information, how careful should a website be with yours? Most people would no doubt say 'very careful' and that doesn't seem unreasonable. So how careful should Ryanair be with your flight itineraries and the personal information within them? More careful than they are, it appears.

Earlier in the week a Berlin newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel, pointed out that unlike most other airlines, Ryanair doesn't require a passenger a password-protected account in order to retrieve a booking.

Security experts expressed concern that the only information required was basic flight details and the email address used for the booking - the sort of information that isn't that difficult to learn through social networks or even everyday conversation:

Ryanair - no password accounts for flight information
At best it's very lazy of Ryanair, but then that's indicative of the airline's website and customer service in general. So how did Ryanair respond to criticism of their site? According to The H Security, like some shitty-mooded toddler who's been locked in a cupboard with too much Sunny D.

Enter Ryanair spokesman Daniel de Carvalho:

"Your ‘experts’ are talking complete rubbish. If someone’s lunatic ex-partner wants to access a flight booking and pay for priority boarding or extra baggage for the person they just split up from then they all have a lot more to worry about than a simple amended flight booking. It is everyone’s individual responsibility to keep their personal information personal."

See, it's all about the tone, Daniel. And the fact that the phrase 'I've booked a Ryanair flight to Gran Canaria' wouldn't be considered sensitive security information by, well, anyone whatsoever. But to scrape a further micron under the surface of your 'lunatic ex-partner' defence for not bothering with basic security protocols - the lack of them means that the 'lunatic ex-partner' can identify, by name, anyone their ex is travelling with.

Hey ho. Nothing to worry about, then, and a completely valid reason for failing to do things properly, we're sure.


  • Alexis
    Fair play - I like the no BS response. Pretty refreshing. Wrong obviously, but refreshing.
  • Rich
    How the hell are people still choosing to fly with these air cowboys?
  • Brad
    Lets hope Daniel de Carvalho doesn't lose his wallet and I find it, as Ill give his wallet back after ive spent all his money. He should have kept his personal items personal.
  • callum
    Because they are cheap? I personally couldn't care less that anyone could access my flight itinerary (I know they could change things but realistically, it's not going to happen). I find their planes reasonably comfortable (after the continual moaning, on my first Ryanair flight I was shocked that the leg room wasn't significantly different to the BA long haul flights I've been on). I can cope a couple of hours without needing to buy food and drink (or just bring my own). I don't care I don't get assigned a seat. I can get by without hold luggage for short haul trips. I check-in online. So in summary, I happily abide by what they want and get a cheap trip. Whereas others, knowing full well they won't abide by it, book and make several changes, then get in a strop when they get a load of extra charges. If you want full service, fly full service.
  • xargle
    Callum from ryanair smells like astroturf!
  • Shane
    But that security mechanism does allow your mental ex to check in the flight for you with invalid details like wrong DOB or pasport number which would have you stopped at the gate and turned away, and require a ridiculous change fee from Ryanair...
  • callum
    Great reply - I like them so I must work for them... Judging by their typical PR style I would be shouting down any criticisms and talking up the service, rather than talking about how they only offer the bare minimum to get you there. I perhaps should rephrase it, I don't particularly like Ryanair per se, I like their sales. I have no brand loyalty with airlines and just go with whoever's cheapest.
  • Brad
    The trouble is Callum people will do it for the lulz, People on interet forums tend to lke to do silly thngs just be a pain in the ass, ie. DDoS credit card sites etc as recently seen, no major damage is done but still bloody inconvenient.
  • Internet T.
    Ryanair - an angel rogering a man bent over a suitcase!
  • Internet T.
    You can even see his little cock
  • Bazinga
    Pay peanuts, get monkeys. I'm off to find someone who's booked a Ryanair flight and treat them to some extra baggage.
  • callum
    Brad - yeah I do agree it's a big problem, and I'd fully understand why people would avoid them because of it. I'm just saying it's not something that I would consider when choosing a flight. Due to the information required, it's more likely someone you know would be doing it as a joke/revenge etc. which wouldn't really be applicable to me. Not that I'd be completely safe from it of course.
  • Mark
    Im with Callums first response Im afraid. Play by the rules, and all you arseholes who dont, make my flights cheaper. And in all honestly, if your that arsed that your ex might chexk you in using the wrong passport details and add some baggage, skis and golf clubs, then open a new gmail email account that your crazy ex doesnt know about like '[email protected]' Jesus!

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