Ryanair withdraw planes following massive huff with Stansted

21 July 2009

Sky Captain O’Leary and his Ryanair army are at war… with a whole airport! The airport in question is Stansted and the Sky Captain is cutting the number of his planes that hang around there from 40 to 24, following a row about trousers smoking cricket money.

The straw that broke O’Leary’s neck back camel’s back was an increase in air passenger duty tax, in addition to other charges that have been pissing off the Sky Captain in recent months.

Ryanair have said they will move the 16 aircraft they are withdrawing from Stansted to other European bases, probably via the air, we reckon. And, mere milliseconds after spitting his dummy out, O’Leary spluttered:

“Ryanair's 40% capacity cutback at London Stansted shows just how much Gordon Brown's £10 tourist tax and the BAA monopoly's high airport charges are damaging London and UK tourism and the British economy generally.”

So there!

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  • Matt
    Ryanair moaning about 'extra' charges... IN YOUR FACE! LOL.
  • Dave S.
    Phew, for a billionth of a milisecond there, I thought you said the straw that broke O'Lairy O'Leary's camel's toe! And I really didn't want to see a picture of that thanks, although pictures of other camel's toe is quite acceptable, however, please bare in mind this a family blog for fucks sake.
  • Frugal
    How many days do you think bitterwallet can proceed without mentioning a) RyanAir b)The iPhone?
  • Dan
    ugh. He's right tbh. I feel sick.
  • andy y.
    He's moving capacity out of the UK as the UK is a pile of shit.
  • Nobby
    It would be great if Stansted could find another airline to take those 16 slots, even better if they could find someone that could take all 40 of Ryanair's slots.
  • james d.
    I don't get it, surely people fly to the UK because they want to go to the UK how would moving the flights out of the UK help? Does he think people are just going to fly wherever he moves to capacity to?
  • Inactive
    Make up your mind Andy, is it Stanstead or Stansted?... ( It is Stansted ...) Apparently he only had 28 planes there last winter..
  • Andy D.
    GAH! Thanks.
  • Chris
    I love this line "in addition to other charges that have been pissing off the Sky Captain in recent months." Its also kinda funny when he doesn't like the extra charges he pulls out, but forces us to pay up.
    [...] PIK capacity reduction,Now STN Interesting article,describing mol as a camel(possibly leo hairy camel)? Ryanair withdraw planes following massive huff with Stansted | BitterWallet [...]
  • Inactive
    " I don’t get it, surely people fly to the UK because they want to go to the UK how would moving the flights out of the UK help? Does he think people are just going to fly wherever he moves to capacity to? " Ryanair fly from place like Spain to Spain etc. Not just the UK.
  • I P.
    So rather than admit not enough people are flying with him and he needs to shuffle his business around he just makes up some excuse to deflect any (more) bad press.
  • Barry
    Gordon Brown is killing more than just the tourist industry in this country!
  • a47
    Is it true that he's pulling his planes before they fall apart from rust?
  • jinkssick
    Ryanair! Ryanair theyre good for your daily graft, but fly it a lot and itll make your barf!
  • Mike L.
    He;s moving them out because of the lower pasenger numbers in winter. He only had 28 there last year. But as usual, he's dressing it up to suit his campaign to stop the airport tax going into the Government coffers (totally unfair) and trying to get it diverted to his (which is quite clearly fair).
  • Tony
    This man clearly is a complete tool. The 'low-fares' model that his outfit was instrumental in conceiving is now starting to get more expensive, and he will do anything to get the final penny out of the victim (sorry - passenger) All of the so called avoidable "adhoc" fees that Ryanair impose are the real cause of the downturn in his numbers, but as usual - let's blame someone/something else - that way it makes him shine. Next, we'll hear that he is a victim of his own success...... Boo-hoo O'Leary - fuck off back to where you came from, and take you little toys with you.
  • James L.
    It amazes me that anyone flies with Ryanair. The whole thing seems to be built on a great pile of Oleary;s hot air. They advertise fares in my local paper for £1 or £10, bit the first catch is you had to book them by midnight the day before th epaper arrive don the doormat. Then, if you do find a flight,you have to worry about how far you are going to finish up from the place advertised. E.G. Barcelona? Then there are all those extra charges going on and on and on and the CRIMINAL charges for using a credit or debit card in relation to what it actually costs Ryanair. See also the bitching of Ryaniar staff and all their horrow stories about THEM being charged for everything under the sun but clinging onto their jobs for fear of being on the dole queue! And the worst, to my mind, is this - an airline behaving in this money grabbing, penny pinching way - how much pressure is there on the ENGINEERS and PILOTS? Can we really feel confident they are lavishing alll necessary money or engineering?
  • O’Leary B.
    [...] After getting the arse with Stansted last month, Ryanair has announced it will now set up a major base at Leeds-Bradford Airport. The budget-budget airline already operates four routes out of West Yorkshire, but this will increase to 17 routes from next year. [...]
  • Ryanair B.
    [...] as O’Leary plans how best to conquer the world. Having recently swiped off the pieces from Stansted and Manchester airports in a fit of temper, the Sky Marshall has now decided how best to redeploy [...]

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