Ryanair versus Ireland - this time there's paperwork

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryThe war of words between Ryanair and the Irish Government has raged for months, with plenty of name-calling from the budget airlines. Ryanair have long-standing grievances with airport taxes imposed by the Government, which they believe are harming tourism in the country - and consequently their profits.

Ryanair has now pulled two of its three daily flights from Kerry to Dublin, citing refusal by the government to increase subsidies to the airline as agreed by the two parties. Early morning and late evening flights will end from the beginning of November, and Ryanair will operate the Kerry-Dublin route on a "commercial basis without any subsidy whatsoever... saving the taxpayer almost €2m annually."

Said Ryanair:

“The Minister for Transport has refused to honour the PSO contract which requires him to increase payments to reflect the Govt tourist tax and the Govt imposed increase in DAA and ATC charges which have added an extra €19 per passenger on the Kerry-Dublin route.

"Ryanair will, from 31st October, switch its Kerry based aircraft to another EU base where Govts are reducing airport fees and welcoming tourists instead of taxing them."

What's interesting, as is usually the case with Ryanair, is how they've gone about venting their frustration with the Irish Government; their news section not only outlines their argument, but also has a scan of the contract in question. The best bit? Somebody at Ryanair has then underlined the relevant clause in a big huff:

Bitterwallet - Ryanair contract
It's surprising they didn't go the whole hog and draw a bus stop knob in the margins.


  • Steve
    How much tourism did the Kerry-Dublin route bring to the Irish economy anyway?
  • issac h.
    Ryanair didn't underline or adhere to any relevant parts of the agreement pertaining to support for customers stranded during the volcanic ash fiasco.
  • Kerryman
    Quite a lot, many people fly in from the states to golf in Kerry, usually shannon or Dublin, and the Kerry-Dub route was essential, I know quite a few people who use it to commute also. Kerry airport really is great, no need to get there 2 hours before the flight, the distance from carpark to plane is about 50 yards. The "duty free" section is amazing.
  • Marky M.
    [Subsidies may be increased] "at the sole discretion of the minister and as an exceptional matter". So the minister has decided to use his discretion and Ryanair is having a little, ahem, paddy about it not going their way. Tough. They should have negotiated a tighter contract.
  • kev
    the tourist tax is rediculous tho, charging people to leave the country
  • Idi A.
    @ kev You never bin to Ireland, have you?
  • dunfyboy
    "which they believe are harming tourism in the country – and consequently their profits." Other way round, I think. The bit they underlined doesn't even guarantee the government will give them anything, and even if it did, I doubt anyone would feel sorry for Ryanair.
  • kev
    why do you say that Idi?

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