Ryanair up the summer baggage charge and reintroduce the toilet tax

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery Ryanair are continuing to show that they could squeeze juice out of a dinosaur’s testicle with the announcement of more creeping add-on charges. Hang on, we’ve got that all wrong – they’re not charging more (yes they are) but are actually ‘incentivising customers’ to travel light instead.

The hit Irish airline have stated that, for all July and August bookings, checked-in baggage fees will increase from €15 per bag to €20 per bag. But hey, it’ll be the summer – you’ll be wearing fewer and lighter clothes so what’s your freaking problem? Eh??

While they’re about it, Ryanair have also relaunched their previously-scrapped plans to charge passengers £1 to use onboard toilets on short-haul flights lasting less than an hour, as well as removing some toilets altogether.

The airline’s Minister Of Blah, Stephen McNamara said: “By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behaviour so that they use the bathroom before or after the flight. That will enable us to remove two out of three of the toilets and make way for at least six extra seats.”

A new Flintstones-style passenger-assisted take-off and landing procedure is surely just months away…


  • Joanne
    hahahahahahahahahahaha that is all
  • Angry S.
    Who will be first to crap in their seat? Its almost worth making a booking to explore the defecation opportunities.
  • Tom P.
    Won't be long before they introduce their passengers standing policy.
  • brian
    But it will still be free to take one bag onboard............as long as its a colostomy bag,just so they cant take the p!ss out of you
  • kev
    just more cheap publicity for ryanair, they'll never charge for toilet use imo, and if they did the likes of the ISCC (Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn's Disease) would take them to court over it
  • Quagmire
    Great run business!! Making a good profit in hard times! Don't like it then don't use em! Simple really!
  • hippy
    use one of the sick bags to take a pee in, they probably water tight. ryan air will soon change thier mind when flight attendants get handed bags of piss every flight
  • Gunn
    Why is it on a short haul flight as soon as the safety seat belts sign is off people queue for the toilets.....
  • David M.
    @Hippy - Sick bags?! on a Ryanair flight? not a chance, they don't even do seat back pockets. Your best bet would be to delicately balance a turd on the laminated menus they give you, might be more appealing that the crap on them to be fair...
  • Jesus
    Who the fucks flying the plane? ..Paddy and Murphy??
  • Nobby
    > Why is it on a short haul flight as soon as the safety seat belts sign is off people queue for the toilets….. Because there is no seat allocation, people queue for hours to try to get a seat near the front or back (so they can get off quickly) and to make sure they do not have to sit next to some fat cunt whose guts hang over the arm rest.
  • Pee W.
    News: Ryanair pressing forward on pay toilets Newsflash: Customers with pressing bladders are pressing forward on pissing between the seats.
  • Klingelton
    so let me get this straight. You have to sit in seats that are so tight they squeeze the piss out of you, yet you have nowhere to deposit that piss. I beleive ryan air are moving toward the phrase "battery passengers"
  • Nick P.
    Hang on a second... "charge passengers £1 to use onboard toilets on short-haul flights lasting less than an hour," Could anyone list Ryanair flights have a scheduled duration of less than an hour? I can't think of many (BRS-DUB is one of the shortest, at 55m one way and 60m the other. So, what, you pay a £1 BRS-DUB, but not DUB-BRS). Any they're really really going to scupper their almost identical fleet by having a set of planes that can only be used on sub 1 hour flights, because they've only got one lav. I call *monumental* bullshit, and you guys fell for it again. When will you learn that, whilst Ryanair don't lie, they play the press like a cheap orchestra.
  • Nobby
    Just imagine, if they did have only one toilet. I think it is worth paying the quid, just to go and sit there for the whole flight. There is better leg room in the toilet and it's cheaper than paying for priority boarding and still not getting a decent seat. And you piss off ( :-) ) people that actually want to use the toilet.
  • Paul S.
    And yet Nick... here you are reading it again. And perhaps that's the point, eh?
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  • businessman
    Nobby that's genius! You could pay your quid and call it your "personal in-flight multimedia cabinspace" I mean if you watched a movie on your phone or summat. A pound to have your *own cabin* now that's what I call first class. In fact Ryanair could make the whole front of the plane out of toilets and charge a tenner.
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