"Ryanair treats customers like cattle" shocker

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryWhy is it always Ryanair? The news websites are getting over-excited with talk of mutiny on board a Ryanair flight, and given that it occurred at Prestwick in Glasgow, there may be a grain of truth in it. It all kicked yesterday of because of the bi-monthly French air traffic controller's strike, which in turn delayed a Ryanair flight to Girona, due to depart at 2pm.

By 6pm the flight was still sat on the ground; Ryanair staff refused to let anybody leave the aircraft, or even open the refreshment trolleys, citing regulation that prevented them from doing so until the plane was airborne. Desperate passengers then contacted the police, who subsequently bought chocolate and water and boarded and handed it out.

A Ryanair spokesperson mewled:

"Ryanair asked passengers to remain on board while awaiting take-off authorisation, to minimise passenger inconvenience and avoid a further delay or likely flight cancellation," a spokesman said.

"While the aircraft was on the ground passengers on board were allowed to use mobile phones and toilet facilities, and as per legal restrictions, the bars on board remained closed."

Why would the cabin crew have to roll out the refreshment trolleys? Strange that the legal restrictions prevented staff offering passengers bottled water for free, but not opening the aircraft doors and allowing others to board and do so. It sounds more like a fundamental failing of an airline that'd rather see its customers suffer before giving anything away.


  • Martin
    Virgin give out champagne or orange juice to premium and upper passengers on the ground, so there's certainly no legal restriction to giving soft or hard drinks on the ground. There's also the requirement to give meals and refreshment if the delay is greater than 2 hours, so it looks like Ryanair aren't just lying about not being allowed to serve refreshments, but they are actually breaking the law by their actions. Again.
  • Alex C.
    Unless large numbers of people decide to stop using Ryanair they will continue to do whatever they like. Passengers complain about the terrible bad service and then still continue to use them because they are the cheapest.
  • Issac M.
    I call bollocks. They cant open the bar or serve hot food. They can serve water and cold food (and charge for them if they wish).
  • Spark
    The last (and only) time I have ever flown with them this same thing happened, only it was for around 90 minutes. They left the door open and kept the bar closed although this was a flight from Liverpool so a lot of the passengers just started to dig into the cheap booze they had just bought airside and were subsequently bollocked for it over the PA system. The problem was that this was in February and it was freezing outside and so as we were right at the front of the plane my girlfriend ended up with quite a nasty cold as a result. It's Ryanair though so I don't honestly know what better anybody could expect.
  • ButterMan
    I hope your girlfriend paid for that cold.
  • fayshun
    Sitting in a plane with the door open won't give you a cold, colds are caused by viruses.
  • -]
    Your mum is a virus. The human immunodeficiency virus.
  • Sideysid
    I would be thankful you just ended up with a cold if they left the plane door open...
  • Sirus
    Did someone mention my name? Oh, never mind.
  • Mike
    The flight I was on last Friday was diverted from Manchester to Liverpool due to a fire at Manchester. We were stuck on the plane for over two hours, while the temperature got hotter and hotter and paramedics were called after one passenger collapsed. The crew refused to hand out water to the passengers, or even sell it to us. Eventually we made it onto buses to the terminal at just gone midnight, with police in attendance as it was getting a bit fiesty.
  • LJ
    Should point out that even though Prestwick airport is known as "Glasgow Prestwick", Prestwick is not IN Glasgow. It's over 32 miles apart on the motorway from Glasgow. And oddly enough, the "real" Glasgow Airport isn't technically Glasgow - It's Paisley. That's all for West Coast geography for this evening.
  • dunfyboy
    "Why is it always Ryanair?" Because they're shite. Other airlines, please feel free to use that as a quote.
  • Penny C.
    This site would help a lot. An eye opener particularly for this week in Europe.
  • maria a.
    Rynair is cheap.But it does not mean bad service. I travelled with them twice .The service was not always bad,but then what do you expect for such a cheap price?IF you do not like it leave it.that is what I did.I WILL NEVER TRAVEL BY RYNAIR.
  • Hannah C.
    I was on that flight from Prestwick and Ryanair should not be allowed to operate if one looks at their treatment of customers. They seem to feel they are not accountable to anyone least of all their customers. We waited from 1.30 until 5pm without any possibility of water - behind me in the second row was a disabled child who had come on board in a wheelchair - he screamed for at least 3 hours unable to understand his situation and there was nowhere and no way to help him - no-one could leave the plane. When the police were called on the crew said that they had called Dublin and could not open the bar nor allow people to leave the plane - these planes are not designed for 6 hour waits and there is no reason the staff could not have helped out passengers - Ryan air are completely responsible and until they learn respect for all their customers I really think that they need to be got under control and banned from flying planes. It is outrageous that in 2010 the police are called to a plane and the plane sits full of passengers on the tarmac for almost 7 hours without the possibility of support from the airline. I will certainly never fly Ryanair again.
  • Ryanair B.
    [...] Friday we reported on Ryanair’s latest customer service enema, when they treated their passengers in a similar way to, in our opinion at least, domestic cattle [...]
  • Andy
    I too was on the flight in question...in my opinion Ryanair simply made a bad situation a whole lot worse....not their fault that the French seem to strike about anything and everything but no doubt they handled the situation VERY badly. They claimed that they couldn't give out or sell anything due to restrictions placed on them legally and also according to the stewards on board it would appear from their internal management...however, what a false economy...they had the opportunity to offer real customer service to all on board by providing some water / refreshments whilst we all waited for French airspace to open up - that would have given them ££ of positive (and free) PR all over the press - instead all they get is bad PR and 168 passengers who will do their best to avoid ryanair in the future - but for their hold over certain destinations all 168 would NEVER fly again with them! Also as we took off it became apparent why they never provided us with anything.....they simply didn't have much on board due to the plane not having sufficient stock as it was a "replacement" flight - they ran out of most things by the 10th aisle!!! what a joke of an airline, scary that they are responsible for flying people around Europe!
  • James M.
    why when you email raynair do they deem it okay not to email you back. three emails i sent one to the HEAD of customer service and one to the DEPUTY HEAD of customer service (which is laughable as ryanairs customer service is about as alive as the dinasaur) and the head of communications (also laughable) if anybody knows who is the boss over these clowns then please let me know.
  • Franco
    Do not travel with Ryanair - if your flight is cancelled like mine due to a runway closure at Palermo airport on 24 September, noone from Ryanair will be there or will care so you will spend the entire night at the airport not knowing what is going on. In the morning you will have no choice but to get a coach to another airport and there you will have to buy another ticket to get you home (mine cost £250). If, like me, your cancelled flight made you miss a connection (also Ryanair), you will also lose the cost of that as Ryanair will only refund the bare minimum (ie the one cancelled flight) that they can get away with. There were families with young children stranded that night so next time it could be you. You have been warned.

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