Ryanair to focus less on UK

Ryanair to focus less on UK

The immediate fallout of the Brexit vote is that sterling is not great in the exchange rate, and businesses are jumpy, wondering what to do next.

This of course, will have one camp of people yelling 'told you so!', another shouting 'stop being cry babies!', and everyone else wishing both parties would shut up for long enough so we can have a sensible chat about what we're supposed to do in the interim.

Concerning both holidays and business, Ryanair have said that they're planning to focus more on European airports over the next two years and less in the UK, as a result of the EU Referendum.

Either way you look at it, that could end up in less cheap flights for everyone in the country.

Ryanair said: "We will pivot our growth away from UK airports and focus more on growing at our EU airports over the next two years."

"This winter we will cut capacity and frequency on many London Stansted routes (although no routes will close) where we are already significantly ahead of our multi-year traffic growth targets."

EasyJet will also be weighing up what they want to do, and they have said that they're "looking forward into a difficult and uncertain economic and operating environment."

Both companies have reaped the rewards of the creation of a single EU aviation market, which happened back in the '90s.

The UK is going to be negotiating access to the single market and the open skies regulatory framework currently, and until that happens, airlines can only guess what they'll be doing in the future.

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