Ryanair to be more honest and open about you know, all that sneaky stuff

We’re almost utterly sick of writing about the skybound soap opera that is Ryanair, but we felt this story was worthy of a brief mention.

Following a lengthy investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, the budget flight warriors have voluntarily agreed to increase ‘clarity and transparency’ to the pricing on their website and adverts.

What should happen now is that Ryanair will be more upfront about extra charges for baggage, checking in and paying by debit cards and everything will be clearer and more open. Cynics might roar that what will actually happen is nothing at all, but we’ll wait and see.

There you go. That’s it for now on Ryanair. Come back in an hour when Sky Marshall O’Leary announces that passengers will have to donate a gallon of aeroplane petrol before they’re allowed on their flight.


  • Jeezey
    If they start listing all the hidden charges, surely there will be no room left for the actual advert?
  • Jeezey
    and... once again O'Sleazy has made the ASA look like the witless, toothless bunch they really are. By allowing Ryanair to act 'voluntarily' they have given them the winning hand in the PR stakes. Nice one ASA.
  • Andy
    O'Sleazy looks like that jet he's holding is being rammed up his arse.
  • bawbag
    What's all this Sky Marshall mallarkey? Are you attempting to introduce a new phrase into mainstream media? Why not just call him "The Cunt" like everyone else?
  • Andy D.
    @bawbag But then surely people would get him confused with you? :-)
  • bawbag
    What a witty reply Shite Marshall Dawson!

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