Ryanair - the no-frills airline with the no-frills sandwiches...

As we all know it’s not like Ryanair to give their flyers some hidden added charges and conditions when it comes to booking with them. But it looks as though the opposite is the case once you actually get on board the plane itself, especially if you’re feeling hungry.

‘Bodger’ from Irish blog Broadsheet flew from Dublin to Alicante recently and fancied chomping on a steak ciabatta. Okay, so it was €7.00 but it looked tasty enough on the menu.

steak ciabatta close up

Sadly, there might have been more meat in the menu itself than there was in the sandwich that he got. Oh dear….

steak ciabatta

Seven euros, people. SEVEN euros….

inside the steak sandwich


  • Nicodemus J.
    It doesn't really look all that tasty on the menu if we're being honest.
  • Tim B.
    So what did the staff say/do when he complained? I presume he did complain, rather than just pretend everything was fine before bitching about it on the internet?
  • Wongaporkpies
    If they put any more meat in, they would have had to put more fuel in the plane
  • Edward L.
    Did they give him a tuna one instead?! It looks pretty un-tasty!
  • Mr C.
    No onion?
  • Marky M.
    What was he expecting from Ryanair? Haute cuisine and a blowie off the pilot?
  • Michael O.
    The filling was extra.
  • Sicknote
    Anyone with half a brain would know that they would buying a piece of shit - why waste your money just to prove yourself right. A bit like everyone who's spunked out for an IPhone 5.
  • Adrian v.
  • jetsetter
    Any self respecting person would not fly Ryan Air, period.
  • terry
    Chicken Korma is OK. Why eat on a plane if you expect quality. Bring your own ingredients and a primus and knock up a meal in the jacks.Just as logical! Jetsetter why would a self respecting person not fly Ryanair? Explain please a
  • Jenny C.
    Michael O'Leary should be running our Country. Pity our ministers weren't as profit conscious. if you're too good for Ryanair then try sitting beside the Jones' on an Aer Lingus flight, it's a long time since Gabriel's Oboe played when they wheeled out the snack cart.

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