Ryanair, scratchcards and the most confused scam ever

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryRemember Ryanair's 'blunder' last month, when the budget airline accidentally gave away three cars to passengers who bought their scratchcards on the same flight? It was a printing error, entirely unintentional and certainly not a sly PR campaign - although nobody seemed too concerned about removing the remaining scratchcards from sale, even after a Ryanair press release stated the airline 'doesn’t know whether there are any more of these printing error scratchcards still on sale'.

Following the printing error that neither Ryanair or the printing company were in any particular rush to correct, it now transpires that a scam has popped up to profit from all the ensuing publicity that Ryanair in no way wanted or expected.

The airline is urging passengers to ignore the scam email which promises the recipient a free car in return for a £500 delivery fee. Said Ryanair with their usual bluster:

"Ryanair has contacted the authorities to ensure that people are not duped into paying money to these unscrupulous scam artists believing that they have won a car. Only passengers that have purchased a scratchcard, revealed three car symbols and contacted Brandforce directly can win a prize, which is free of any form of payment or delivery charges.

"It is disgraceful that these criminals try to turn three people’s good luck into other people’s misfortune."

Yes. Those disgraceful criminals trying to capitalise on the situation. Quite outrageous.

Mind, you've got to wonder what sort of buffoon would ever, ever fall for the scam in question. It's the most confused, inane email you'll see. According to The Journal, the scammer has simply cut and paste news stories from the broadsheets into an email, including one that chastises Ryanair for its insurance levy.

Take a look and let us know when you'll coughing your £500 deposit:
Bitterwallet - ryanair scam
As stories go, the whole thing from start to finish causes cranial bleeding. And Ryanair has certainly not benefited from the situation once again by not only promoting its scratchcards and the star prize, but labouring on the detail of how passengers might win one.


  • dacouch
    £500 sounds a good deal, one question though do they levy a charge if I pay it on my card ?
  • Gavin E.
    This is certainly not the first article I have read about RyanAir scratch cards. They sure do not look like good value to me.

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