Ryanair Sky Marshall blah blahs at anyone who'll listen - fools listen. Fools like us.

8040e674-c8d6-4f55-b1eb-66a746d7fb2d.Full Look, it’s like this – we’re loath to dole out any more publicity to Ryanair’s Sky Marshall O’Leary, so here’s the edited highlights from his latest press conference yesterday…

Sky Marshall wearing Germany shirt… blah blah... delighted England out of World Cup… blah blah... UK passenger bookings up 20%... blah blah... not all good though… blah blah... 2.5 million fewer passengers at UK airports… blah blah... possible loss of 2,500 jobs… blah blah... (possibly bullshit…) blah blah... Air Passenger Duty… blah blah... Grrrr… blah blah... move operations abroad… blah blah... predictable Stelios jibe… blah blah... "...still hasn't got back to me about the sumo fight I challenged him to"… blah blah... ginger-haired Wayne Rooney is “clearly Irish”

Okay? Let’s get on with the rest of the day then… blah blah...


  • a j.
    the fucking nazi bastard
  • Marty P.
    what he's copulating with the uraguyan referee?
  • John S.
    Good one, Great result on Sunday :D
  • Internet T.
    He really is a cock and needs to just shit off
  • The B.
    Isn't the "clearly Irish" line stolen from Dara O'Brien? Another thing to add to his list of awfulness, plagiarism.
  • PokeHerPete
    Whats with all the Germans and sad acts laughing at England being out of the World Cup? You would think that England are a world class team or something by the way they go on.
  • roll
    He is SUCH a nice guy :)
  • Bilbo B.
    The man is a total legend. Everyone hates him, but he doesn't give a fuck. Loving the Germany shirt.
  • Jack T.
    You're right Bilbo. Everyone hates him. You're wrong about the rest though - he's a total knob end not a leg end.
  • Shooter M.
    @ Jack - Bilbo's not "wrong about the rest". I, too, love the Germany shirt.
  • delrio
    should rename the idot 'sky marshall o'dreary'
  • TH1882FC
    I wonder if his relatives helped the german subs refuel during WW2 - hence the top...

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