Ryanair revive mid-air toilet tax nonsense

Two Ryanair stories in one day is enough to drive anyone to the brink of drink, but we thought you might like to know that Sky Captain Michael O’Leary has revived the idea of charging passengers to use the toilet on his planes within two years.

The nakedly greedy ploy was met with a combination of laughter and derision back in February, and Sky Captain O’Leary later poo-pooed the idea and said he was just taking the piss. But now that he’s gone away and given it some further thought, he genuinely thinks he can justify it now. His reasoning is that, as the average Ryanair flight lasts for about an hour, people shouldn’t need the toilet anyway.

Better still, he has explained that if he got rid of two of the three toilets in his Boeing 737-800 jets, he could fill the space with up to six extra seats and claw in some more much-needed revenue that way.

Maybe it’s related to something that stretches back to his childhood. Perhaps he was made to stand in the corner until he danced on the spot like a possessed Michael Flatley before he was granted permission to have a leak. Or maybe he’s just a grabbing, sociopathic bastard. He’s probably just a daringly clever self-publicist… and we’ve fallen for it yet again. Oh Sky Captain, we hate you but we can't resist you!


  • andy y.
    " what i can't take this on as cabin luggage?"
  • Tom P.
    IF, i ever fly with Sky Captain, i'll take a spare plastic Pepsi bottle with me...number 2 might seem a problem, but i'm working on that and you might see me on Dragons Den soon.
  • veedubjai
    So if there are no toilets on aircraft. I can't take bottles more than 100ml each per bottle on a flight due to safety reasons to piss into them then where the hell I am going to piss or take a dump for that matter then when nature calls? If I really had to for a piss or dump, could I borrow the Captains cabin for privacy while on autopilot to relieve myself. So what does this button do then. Opps, Mayday, Mayday. What a Irish twat!
  • Jamie
    I would, out of enjoyment and principle, soil myself in my seat. Cost-cut that prick!
  • Me
    When the 1 toilet on board is not working, flight would have to be cancelled! That's a moneysaver isn't it?!! What an a&@*hole.
  • Brad
    Some one will just kick the fucking door in.
  • You
    what a greedy twat!
  • Ineda P.
    Great idea! Who can't hold on for just one hour? The old and infirm shouldn't be flying anyway.
  • bright_sprk
    Let's just shit on the seats!
  • bob
    They only lasy 155 million last year, Hopefully it will be 5 times that this year and goodbye from Thieving Air.
  • Brian
    bob ... is that some sort of private Irish expression?
  • The B.
    Lasy? I assumed he was talking about the Indian yoghurt but it doesn't make much sense contextually.
  • Nobby
    > His reasoning is that, as the average Ryanair flight lasts for about an hour, people shouldn’t need the toilet anyway. They should also not need to eat, drink or buy fucking lottery tickets. But I bet he won't stop trying to sell them.
  • banjaxed
    Just a shame it wasn't a Ryanair plane, with irish cunt O'Leary on which went down in the Atlantic...
  • Zucc
    If they serve food, they're obliged to provide toilet facilities FOC. What a chump.
  • Paul N.
    Not sure that law would be applicable once they're off the ground or outside of UK airspace :)
  • j
    they'll be charging for the toilet paper next, mark my words
  • pauski
    Oh no - I thought this was already happening ("within the next two years") - I also forgot this today whilst returning on a BA flight - the sick bag was an ideal substitute -no need for dragons den, Tom. I was suprised by the trolley dolly's expression though!

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