Ryanair ramping up the bag check-in prices again in 2012

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery Ryanair are at it again, with increased charges on checked-in bags coming in 2012, meaning that although their basic fares may be rock bottom, the cost of the add-ons keep going up and up.

Checked-in bag fees that are paid for in advance will be rising by two thirds, but if you pay for bag check-in at the airport, you’ll be looking at a fee of £100 (an increase of 150% from 2011)

Passengers will now be subject to Ryanair’s own self-defined ‘seasons’ – with their ‘high' season covering the months of June to September as well as Christmas. In that ‘high’ season, the bag check-in prices will also be ‘high’ with the cost of checking in a single 15kg bag rising from £15 to £25, totalling £200 for a family of four on a return trip. The price for a second bag will be even ‘higher’, at £45.

But if Ryanair are to be believed, all of this won’t bother very many of you. Their spokesman Stephen McNamara said “Over 70 per cent of Ryanair passengers will be unaffected by these changes as they already travel with no checked-in bags.” So we assume that you, our beloved readers, will think that this is all okay and that.


  • Simon
    I wonder what the job description is for this ryanair spokesman position ? What a load of rubbish this airline spouts - and 15kg is a light bag as well for all this cost, but I guess there are enough stupid people who will still buy tickets ...
  • callum
    No, the only stupid people are those who buy tickets and need hold luggage. As they said, 70% of people fly without bags and therefore pay ZERO fees for luggage. It's about time people realise Ryanair really don't want you to take hold luggage with you. How on earth people haven't figured this out and still complain about the fees is beyond me. No frills really does mean NO frills.
  • The B.
    At this point I don't think it matters, people who fly with them don't care, people who don't, don't care either. Personally, I'd rather pay the extra £10-20 and fly with a decent airline but some people would prefer to save that money and be treated like cattle, go figure.
  • Dick
    I fly with RyanAir a fair bit. I don't care about the prices for luggage, as I don't bother with it. For me, short haul means hand luggage only. RyanAir have revolutionised nto just prices, but the way people travel. It wasn't that long ago people used to fill up a suitcase simply because they had "free" luggage, so they used their allowance. Now you pay for it, you think about what you need to take. Not only that, you don't have to lug heavy cases full of stuff you are not going to need. As for being treated like cattle, RyanAir are not exactly great at makig you feel welcome. But then neither are BA these days. I flew with them a couple of weeks back, as business was paying (even though RyanAir flew the same route). I think BA were about £60 more expensive over the entire trip, so £30 each way. I got a pack of peanuts and reserved seating. Apart from that, the service was no better than RyanAir.
  • I'd t.
    I don't care, as you would not catch me on a Ryan Air flight unless I was a corpse. Even then I'd be fighting back.
  • JonB
    My suspicion is that Ryanair are trying to grab headlines using new ways to ram home the no frills aspect of their airline. Paying for food, checked luggage, the right to board first, use the toilet, etc. is just publicity hunting which is aided by media picking up on it. I'm looking forward to the next thing they decide to use to extract money from their customers: It's bound to cause a stir. (My money's on paying to take a coat on the 'plane.)
  • Mike H.
    Hold on, should I not be paying the pilot's mortage? That's what I was asked to sign - they said it was a boarding card but I remember I signed up to pay the captain's mortgage.
  • Lucian R.
    I generally travel with no checked in bag, but this does not mean that, the rare occasions I have a check-in bag, I should be paying more then my daily salary for it! There should be a limit on this "optional" charges.
  • Edward S.
    Ryanair's customer service is quite frankly disgraceful. I understand the no-frills policy and I have no qualms with their baggage charges, so long as the information is clear and accessible. However, there is simply no excuse for their employees to treat the people paying their wages in such a disgusting fashion. They are uninterested, unhelpful and unpleasant. They seem to take great satisfaction in forcing extra charges upon the customer and they are generally unwilling to improve the customer experience. I will try at all costs to avoid Ryanair in the future, and I await the day the company goes bust with great anticipation.

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