Ryanair pays avid Bitterwallet reader to fly with them

Alright, hands up, we surrender. More fares like this and we'll stop laying into Ryanair for offering sub-par customer service. After all, if they're paying you to fly with them, they're entitled to treat you how the hell they want. Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Scott with the Action Man Eagle Eyes™ for the spot:

Bitterwallet - Ryanair


  • Nobby
    Although that is before the "optional" charges. It is also for yesterday.
  • dacouch
    This could be a new money making scheme for Ryan Air, they offer a flight for - £1.00 and then ask for your credit card to credit the money but in the small print it is subject to a £15.00 charge for using a credit card
  • Alison B.
    nothing to get your knickers in a twist about folks, this has been happening on Ryanair for a while now where "closed" flights are displayed as -£1!
  • news
    2 potato

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