Ryanair passes off YouTube video to embarrass Belgians

10 February 2011

On Monday we reported the story that students had revolted against Ryanair when staff challenged them concerning excess baggage fees. Over 100 passengers were denied boarding the flight from Lanzarote to Charleroi in Belgium, and all were banned from flying Ryanair in the future.

In response to media coverage of the event, Ryanair have played their linkbait card; the airline has "released the YouTube guide to packing, to allow these students avoid embarrassing themselves, and Belgium, further with their refusals to comply with the airline policies and instructions, as they agreed to do at the time of booking."

According to the airline, the tutorial demonstrates how passengers can pack enough clothes for a two week holiday into one 10 kg carry-on bag. Ryanair’s chief word-mangler Stephen McNamara said:

“Ryanair is today calling on Belgian universities to ensure no further embarrassing international episodes when their students travel abroad by providing them with an online tutorial in how to pack light. This tutorial will allow these students to comply with the airline policies they accept when booking a flight."

In fact Ryanair didn't release the video - it's been on YouTube since last year and was published by some dude in Thailand. The self-titled "master-packer" also chooses to travel without a toothbrush or any sort of toiletries, and the video doesn't state whether or not the total weight is under 10kg. It looks a little on the heavy side for us. We're going to have a play with the laundry tonight to double-check.


  • will
    2x jeans 1x hoddie 1x towel 1x walking shoes 1x flip flops >7x boxers 1x jogging bottoms 1x jogging jacket 10x t-shirts 1x backpack obviously that weighs less than 10kg! obviously!
  • Jules
    Happy Flightings!
  • james d.
    why not just buy toiletries when you get there? its a lot cheaper.
  • Jamie
    I bet those Belgium students are well embarrassed.
  • Mike U.
    @will, what the hell's a hoddie? Please explain as its stopping me packing for my week long trip to Magaluf
  • kv
    the benny hill music makes it even better
  • brian
    so can anyone confirm the ruck sack is below 10kg or whether ryan air actually weighs hand luggage?

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