Ryanair packs in even more summer baggage fees

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery Ryanair news, anyone? You love it, you do. Ryanair has updated its checked baggage charges, with a new tier for passengers daring to take a full suitcase on holiday with them. Instead of paying £15 for a 15kg checked-in bag, you can now pay £25 for a 20kg checked-in bag. Over Summer, that means paying up to £30 per bag thanks to Ryanair's increased fees for July and August.

In recent weeks, the budget airline has changed the language it uses to talk about baggage allowances - instead of defending the charges by pointing out the low entry-level of the fares, they're now all about 'encouraging passengers to travel light', as if doing so somehow does you the favour, rather than them.

Bitterwallet - Ryanair baggage fees

As always, it's worth breaking out the scales for your bags before you leave for the airport; their current terms state that excess baggage fees are currently charged at the rate of £20/€20 per kg. Oh, and if you've got any rashes or skin blemishes that are non-contagious, best take a doctor's note with you or you'll be thrown off your Ryanair flight.


  • Dirty F.
    Angel rogering a boy bent over a suitcase
  • Eh
    That story you've linked is ridiculous. "Passengers suffering from a disease that could be considered or appears to be contagious must carry a medical certificate stating that they are fit to fly and pose no risk to other passengers and crew." How can it appear to be contagious? Surely it could only do that if the passengers around the person started getting similar symptoms.
  • Jonasse
    Ryanair? More like shit.
  • callum
    Thats more than likely put there to cover themselves - and things like red spots all over your body appears to be contagious anyway. I'm happy with the new charges - means cheaper fares for me (well, they won't get cheaper because of this - but they won't go up).
  • Issac M.
    Whats the rationale for increased charges in the summer months? Is it because that's when little Johny and his parents go on holiday, and there isn't so much business (no suitcase) travel? Opportunistic. Robbing. Thieving. Arrogant. Cunts.
  • Eh
    @Callum The point I was making is that a skin disease on one person without being seen to spread cannot appear contagious. It could look like a known contagious disease but that isn't the same thing as appearing contagious.
  • Peter F.
    If you fly Ryanair you deserve everything you get,if you've never had a problem, good for you, I've never had a problem but frankly the antique aircraft they have scare the hell out of me, flown with them once and hope never have to again, I rather pay the extra £5 and go Easyjet.
  • james d.
    Peter File, you are a moron. Ryan Air have the newest fleet in europe. Why do you make things up?

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