Ryanair move axed Manchester routes, expand Edinburgh base

Ryanair war room, yesterday

We like to imagine Sky Marshall O'Leary sitting on a throne, in a secret underground bunker somewhere near Dublin. Models of airplanes are pushed around a map of Europe by senior Ryanair officials using long sticks, as O'Leary plans how best to conquer the world. Having recently swiped off the pieces from Stansted and Manchester airports in a fit of temper, the Sky Marshall has now decided how best to redeploy his forces.

The routes that were dropped from Manchester earlier in the week will be moved to East Midlands, Leeds-Bradford and Liverpool. Operations will also be expanded at Dusseldorf and Madrid - all of this as well as the new routes announced for Leeds-Bradford airport from March.

Ryanair has also announced the expansion of operations at Edinburgh, with eight new routes from the Scottish capital to be launched from October onwards. Amongst the new destinations announced are Tenerife, Oslo, Gdansk, Barcelona, Brussels, Lanzarote and Memmingen - the last we believe to be pronounced as:


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  • Nobby
    It is not really a surprise. They charge lower fees per person, so it makes sense to move their operations there. Manchester wouldn't lower fees, so those at Manchester will lose their jobs. Blame the owners .. the Manchester councils. It's great for the other airports though.

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