Ryanair means 7 million more reasons to hate the England squad

Bitterwallet - 7 million fly Ryanair in July 2010As if you didn't despise the England football team enough, now it turns out the overpaid, over-sexed bunch of charlie cocksockets are lining the pockets of Ryanair and Michael O'Leary. Bastards.

Their unsurprisingly early exit from the World Cup has prompted hundreds of thousands of people to take an early holiday. Bastards.

What's more, the half-arsed performances of Rooney and others have handed Ryanair a new monthly record of 7 million passengers for July - a record not just for the budget airline, but for all European airlines - and it's only the 18th of the month. Bastards!

"Ryanair.com experienced a rush of ‘World Cup’ bookings every time a European team got knocked out of the World Cup as holiday hungry families swamped our website," said a Ryanair spokesperson. Of course, July and August are the airline's peak months - Ryanair handled over 6.7 million passengers last July - so it's just as well they increased their checked baggage charges for those two months in particular, isn't it?


  • hukd h.
    SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i give not
  • hukd h.
    also Paul fucking hell man lighten up geese
  • Sassie
    im old
  • Carl
    Football (or soccer) really isn't all that important in my life.
  • bob
    Good, my flight to get away from people like you always moaning about something that has no bearing on your life will be cheaper then.
  • bob
    Tomatos and cheese on digestives make amazing mini-pizzas
  • The B.
    In the grand scheme of things, so? Yeah, I'd like to see something unpleasant happen to O'Listless but if it doesn't, I'm not fussed.
  • Phil M.
    Never understood the hate for Ryanair. Took me to Sweden and back for £1!

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