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A mum, yesterday

Right, where was I? Oh yes. So a couple of weeks have passed since your media-friendly nonsense about a man eating a winning scratchcard, and you need another excuse, any excuse, to whore your wares. What about an entirely convoluted survey that proves nothing whatsoever? Yes!

Ryanair, the world’s favourite most frequented airline, is gunning for the mums. It's nearly Mother's Day again (this Sunday, fact fans) so the budget airline has produced some vital statistics that demand you buy your mum a Ryanair flight or she'll hate you forever. Fact. See, according to the budget airline who surveyed 1,000 mothers, "90 per cent of mums see Mother's Day flowers as a waste of money and would prefer a (naughty) weekend away from the kids."

Difficult to know where to start with this one. Let's begin with the fact that Ryanair can't read the results of their own survey, the results of which state:

Ryanair’s survey asked 'What would you like to get this Mother’s Day?':
  • 55% a voucher for a (naughty) weekend away from the kids
  • 20% Mother’s Day meal in a restaurant
  • 15% Chocolates
  • 10% Flowers

The statement "90 per cent of mums... would prefer a (naughty) weekend away from the kids" is an outright lie, so the number is only 55 per cent - the 'news' article's byline gets the facts right, but lazy churnalists will cut and paste from the ambigious body copy, not the headline.

There's then the fact that nobody was actually asked to choose which item they thought was a waste of money - they were asked to choose which gift they'd prefer to receive. So 90 per cent of mothers don't necessarily think flowers are a waste of money. You can't even state they wouldn't want flowers on Mother's Day, because that wasn't the question asked.

Finally, given the choice between a weekend away and a bunch of flowers, of course people are going to choose the former. The most shocking revelation is that 45 per cent of mothers didn't choose the free holiday. Predetermining the available choices is obviously going to define the response - if the list of possibilities had included free mortgage payments for a year, nobody would be choosing a couple of nights of yankee doodle in Lanzarote.

Yeah, it's not that big a deal, it's only another bit of fluff on nonsense from Ryanair - but it's always worth pointing out what a lot of horseshit is blurted out in the name of you, the consumer.


  • Jerec
    I believe "that demand you buy yours mum a Ryanair flight?" has a typo!
  • MrRobin
    Good scrutiny of another fable from the la la land of Ryanair PR dept. I think you might be missing the elephant in the room tho.... Who the f*** buys their mum a 'naughty' weekend away?? EEEEWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
  • Andy D.
    Ta Jerec - amendified.
  • Jerec
    Actually what Ryanair wrote is correct according to their survey, 90% of Mothers don't want flowers, the majority (55%) would prefer a holiday from the kids. Ok so they didn't quote type it write, but we all make typo's right! ;-)
  • Andy D.
  • Nobby
    How many of the mums want the dad to go with them on the sex filled weekend? What age were the mums they asked?
  • Oedipus
    I bought my mum a dirty weekend away and she told me where to go.
  • Steve
    perhaps there was another survey 90% naughty weekend away from the kids *and* husband ;)
  • Steve
    # Posted by Nobby | March 9th, 2010 at 12:14 pm How many of the mums want the dad to go with them on the sex filled weekend? What age were the mums they asked? " And which airport are they flying to? ;)
  • Tom
    Oedipus, on the dirty weekend?
  • Fella-Tio
    @ MrRobin I bought my mum a naughty weekend away and we had great fun
  • Jack
    Great article. Ryanair are a sneaky bunch of fuckers
  • Jack
    @Fella-Tio That is just wrong! I think I might treat Ms / Mrs O'Leary to a naughty weekend come (literally) Saturday.
  • Fella-Tio
    @ Jack how is it wrong? she's my mother!
  • Harry
    Also... the question didn't state that the weekend away involved a flight on Ryanair. It's hard to imagine 55% percent of respondents being interested in the full on Ryanair experience - especially if you get stuck, or dumped in an airport far from home.

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