Ryanair lowers airport fees

Bitterwallet - Ryanair introduces advertising on boarding passes Ryanair are continuing their quest to win hearts and minds by indulging in some hugs and kisses for all customers. Not literally, of course.

This week, they announced that they're changing some of the things they do, such as lowering their airport check-in fee from €70 to €45. And, if for missed departures, the fee has been reduced from €110 to €100. Now, it'd be much better if they killed the fees entirely, but there we go.

This is all thanks to the cuddly new Ryanair who are in the middle of their initiative called 'Always Getting Better', which basically means that they've stopped trolling everyone and trying to bleed every last penny out of humans, in favour of some customer service.

This follows Ryanair's commitment to provide allocated seating, allowing second carry-on bags, a nice new website and a Business Plus service. The 'Always Getting Better' project has seen an increase in customers and is set to run for three-years. After that, they might turn into ogres again. However, while they're making money on all this, chances are, they won't.

So what's next? Well, soon, Ryanair say that customers can look forward to "a brand new personalised website and app with a ‘hold the fare’ feature," as well as new cabin interiors, crew uniforms and in-flight menus. Very nice.

CEO Michael O'Leary has said; “I would have been nicer to customers years earlier”, if he'd known that there was some money in it. He's also vowed to slowly back away from being the public face of the airline, which is a very wise move business-wise, even if it is going to give us less things to write about.


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