Ryanair introduce another charge... and it's pretty decent actually

19 April 2011

Bitterwallet - Ryanair Another week, and Ryanair have dreamt up another way to squeeze a little bit more money out of their passengers. In a trial beginning next month, Ryanairketeers will be able to fork out €10 each way in order to be able to pre-book seats in the first two rows (for a speedier exit) or over-wing rows (which have extra leg room). Priority boarding, which currently costs €4 each way, will be included in the new charge.

Which is obviously a disgrace and has got us foaming at the mouth at yet another example of Ryanair’s arrogance and disregard for their passengers. Oh, wait, hang on a minute, it’s actually a pretty good service now we come to think about it. So we don’t mind offering Ryanair a bit of praise.

The added service will be trialled on Ryanair’s Dublin - Malaga and Dublin - Gatwick routes from 16th May. Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “If this new service proves popular with passengers then we will role it out selectively on other Ryanair routes in the coming months.” He’s got a spelling mistake in there but as long as he can keep his planes in the air, we’re more than happy with that.


  • Another A.
    Bring back compulsory reservations. The first-on mentality of the low fares sector is nuts.
  • Frank
    The problem with that is the expense of getting people to process the reservations and enforce them. Although I think the reservations bit can be done at point of sale.
  • Grassy T.
    What next? I'd imagine Ryanair will be segregating a section at the front of the plane; giving customers more room; complimentary food and drink; and then jacking up the price for these customers!
  • klingelton
    How long do you suppose before ryanair are charging £10 a seat for the 2 at the front of the plane? They'd have to remove the little stick and replace it with an upright tray so you have something to scratch your card on.
  • Another A.
    Frank, Flybe operated a system (I flew regularly with them 06-08 so may have changed) where you could prebook a seat online for a charge but if you didn't you were allocated one automatically on check in. The check in agent simply asked you on arrival if you wanted a window or aisle seat and it was then printed on your boarding card. If you asked nicely they could even place you in a named seat should it be free. Why should enforcing reservations on a plane be a problem so long as family groups are kept together?
  • Phil76
    I was happy with Easyjets old system. Assigning boarding groups based on when you check in, so the sooner you check in, the more choice of seat you have. I know they've probably scrapped this to push their "speedy boarding" but you'd think there's room for both.
  • br04dyz
    i remember a panorama episode a few years ago which said that in a crash, the first 3 rows would be skewered by a support beam in the front galley....if this is still true/was ever true, you are paying extra to potentially die in a more extreme way....awesome!
  • klingelton
    If you believe the statistics, then you're more likely to die from a splinter than flying - if you believe the statistics.

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