Ryanair have rare moment of generosity

Ryanair, in an attempt to stop passengers flying with anyone but them, have decided to redraft their random and ludicrous charges.


At the moment, you have to pay £25 if you have a passing thought about carrying a handbag, and £75 if you forget to bring a crumpled boarding pass, wrenched from the jaws of your Nan’s bubblejet printer.

So instead of charging you for things like breathing, eating and existing - Ryanair are relaxing things a bit. The cost of checking in a bag will be halved to a (still astronomical) £30.

The cost of reprinting a boarding card used to be £70 (because they obviously use a vintage letterpress from the 1860s, operated by artisan craftspeople) but now they'll charge a more reasonable £15. Oh, and if you happen to be a human being and make a spelling mistake on your booking, GENEROUS Ryanair is giving you a 24 period of grace to correct it, rather than charging you an astonishing £160 to change booking details at the airport.

However, these reduced charges only apply to passengers who check in at the airport, and not online. So in order to take full advantage you'll have to queue for 3 hours.

Hurray for Ryanair – always putting customers first!


  • Michael
    £30 to check a bag is "astronomical"? See how much DHL charge you to carry 15kgs same day to the Canary Islands.....
  • BogSniffer
    You're a dick Michael, it's not the same fucking service is it? Am I asking RyanAir to collect the bag from my home and transport the bag to my hotel for me? Jesus Christ alive.
  • jokester2
    @Michael Yes it is. And the DHL service is considerably more than just chucking the bag in the plane and out again. While we're comparing apples with oranges - have you seen how much NASA charges to carry 15kgs to the Moon ????
  • Rectification
    Article is not correct. New charges apply to people who check-in online. New charges do not apply to people who forget to check-in online.

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