Ryanair go softly-softly and ditch numerous irritants

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery Ryanair, in a bid to woo new customers, is going soft. They've promised that they're going to slash its charges for extra baggage and reprinting boarding passes. As well as that, they'll also allow passengers to bring a second small carry-on bag on board at no extra charge as well as promising to correct minor booking errors within 24 hours.

The Ryanair website is getting an overhaul too, with the time and life sapping security code function getting scrapped.

Seems the carcrash Twitter Q&A has got Michael O'Leary all sensitive. That, and the story of the airline charging a Dublin surgeon 188 euros to reschedule a flight after his entire family was killed in a fire.

That won't last for long, it is fair to assume.

So, what's the craic? Well, the fee for reprinting boarding passes will be 15 euros, down from 70. Standard baggage fee will be cut to 30 euros from 60 euros and there will be quiet flights between 9pm and 8am, ditching the loud alert when a plane arrives on time.

Are these things enough to make you want to fly with them, or is the thought of lining O'Leary's pockets enough to put you off for life? They've got a lot of kissing and making-up to do.



  • Reader
    Sounds like a decent airline now.
  • shiftynifty
    Oh Yeah...or Oh O’really
  • Peter P.
    I love them, idiots subsidise my cheap flights. I don't want luxury when flying to countries outside the Euro, I just want to get there cheaply.
  • Clunge
    Bad news - if all the haters start using Ryanair then there will be less cheap flights left for the rest of us who don't really care how we get there as long as it's safe and cheap.
  • ipeters345
    Clunge Pick safe or cheap; suspect can't have both when it comes to air travel..
  • bluray
    There's no going back for a company that once charged extra for wheelchairs!

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